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2018 IIC Conference - Presentations

July 26, 2016

Monday, 9/12

10:00 to 10:55 a.m. / W-193-A

Session Topic: Revolution of EDM Machine Technologies for Maximum Productivity for the Next-Generation Workforce

In the EDM world, EDM machines from different OEM’s will have very different control systems, and EDM machine controls even from within the same OEM will be dramatically different between Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, and EDM Drilling. This presents a significant challenge to preparing the next-generation workforce. Almost all EDM machine tool OEM’s have upgraded their control systems to a more graphical Windows-based system, but this alone does not improve productivity or support the needs of an inexperienced operator.

To address the current workforce skills gap, Makino’s solution has been to develop a new streamlined machine interface called Hyper-i that is used in all of its EDM machine systems. The Hyper-i control represents a significant step-forward in EDM, as this is the first time a single common and universal interface has been used on all three EDM machine disciplines.

In addressing the needs of the next-generation workforce, the Makino’s Hyper-i control utilizes a touch screen interface that is similar to smartphones and tablets, making the machines friendlier and intuitive. The Hyper-i control uses a 24” high-definition touch screen. Built-in electronic machine manuals, video training tutorial for machine operation and machine maintenance, process improvement e-tech doctor applet, and machine utilization tracking functions are all integrated into the Hyper-i control.

Brian Pfluger

EDM Product Line Manager

Brian Pfluger is the EDM product line manager at Makino and has over 20 years of EDM experience.

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