OPS Solutions’ patent to drive next iteration of wearable technology
OPS Solutions

OPS Solutions’ patent to drive next iteration of wearable technology

Global augmented reality company’s wearable headset hardware with proprietary software delivers portable manufacturing, assembly solution.


Officials from OPS Solutions, maker of Light Guide Systems, an augmented reality tool that transforms manual assembly and manufacturing processes for companies worldwide, announced the company’s latest patent that combines wearable headset hardware with proprietary software to deliver a portable manufacturing and assembly solution for a variety of industrial applications.

“For a number of reasons, manufacturing companies have long struggled to integrate wearable technology into the factory floor,” says Paul Ryznar, OPS Solutions founder, president, and CEO. “The latest Light Guide Systems patent addresses some of the key challenges by fusing software and hardware to provide essential visual and audio information to operators to guide them through complex tasks. Our new technology takes wearables to a new level of flexible functionality. It allows us to tackle applications that none of our competitors can touch.”

Light Guide Systems radically improves manufacturing and assembly processes by projecting a digital operating “canvas” onto almost any work surface to provide audio and visual prompts, guidance, pacing and direction.

The new patent covers aspects of the technology that will introduce remote support and LGS software integration, effectively integrating LGS technology with any wearable headset device, including fully immersive and 3D devices or heads-up display models.

Connecting the wearable device to LGS systems and software allows integration with manufacturing execution systems (MES), as well as existing factory tools, servers, databases, and more. Integration with the LGS Controller means the wearable is not wasting battery and CPU power on communications and computations and is focused on the display. LGS controller integration also allows operators to coordinate multiple wearables in the same area in a seamless manner.