Autocam Medical looking for machinists; implements Freedom Software

Autocam Medical looking for machinists; implements Freedom Software

Autocam looks to hire more CNC machinists; Autocam partners with Freedom software to get the most out of its industrial assets, maximize profitability.

Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, announced today that due to continued growth they are looking to hire more than 10 CNC machinists and CNC Swiss machinists.

Applicants are required to have a high school diploma and three or more years of CNC experience. They must also be capable of setting up and operating lathes and/or mills and be able to precision machine small metal parts with tight tolerances. Proficiency in maintaining production procedures and working within the expected quality standards and established efficiencies are also necessary. The availability to work Autocam Medical’s day shift from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or their night shift which operates from 3:15 p.m.-1:45 a.m., Monday through Thursday is also required.

An employee-centered workplace, Autocam Medical, offers a pristine, air-conditioned, work environment that’s outfitted with the most innovative equipment and managed according to the latest principles of good practice, trust, fairness, and respect for the individual. CNC machinists can also look forward to receiving a generous compensation package that includes a premium-free health plan that rewards employees for positive lifestyle choices. They will also receive vision insurance, dental insurance, quarterly incentives, a 401k match of $3,000.00, and tuition reimbursement. Those that work the night shift will also earn a pay shift differential which increases their hourly base wage by 10%.

Tim Ducharme, a CNC Swiss Machinist at Autocam Medical, recently remarked on the supportive work environment offered by the company. “Autocam Medical has outstanding benefits and they really encourage you to focus on career goals. From management all the way down, you feel involved and inspired to do more.”

Chris Perry, a CNC machinist/programmer with Autocam Medical, reiterated the positive work setting offered by Autocam Medical, “It’s a great work environment with opportunities to advance and work more hours. Autocam Medical pays attention and recognizes the dedication, passion and drive of their associates.”


Autocam Medical Focuses on Boosting Productivity and Profits with Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform

Autocam Medical has ramped up its IIoT footprint using Freedom’s Smart Manufacturing Platform. With the goal of improving productivity while increasing capacity, the Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform allowed for just that and then some.

“We were able to quickly identify not only the gaps from plan, but what caused them so we could tackle the root cause and increase productivity,” says Jeff Goodman, VP business development, Autocam Medical. “After the initial pilot, we assigned internal value stream champions to learn the value of the Freedom software and then increased the number of assets within each value stream connected to the platform. We are excited to see how our organization has taken ownership of the real-time, detailed information and analytics produced by the Freedom platform. The things we love about Freedom are the easy-to-use mobile operator app, customizable dashboards displayed on large monitors in the shop, and its seamless scalability.”

Conceived and developed by manufacturing experts, the Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform allows connection to any industrial asset to provide automated intelligence related to asset availability, utilization, and continuous improvement. Autocam Medical’s search for finding the perfect partner came to an end when finding this platform. “We were searching for a partner, not just a product” Goodman says. “From day one, we had input on what was being put in place. It was so much more than a transaction; it was truly a partnership”. 

Autocam Medical plans to expand the Freedom footprint in 2021 and continue to develop new processes with an expectation to increase productivity and profitability.