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Brushless DC servomotors; Smart vacuum.

June 25, 2020

Brushless DC servomotors

A sensor-free variant of the sterilizable 2057…BA family of motors has drives that can withstand more than 1,500 autoclave cycles. They are optimized for speeds up to 65,000rpm.

Motors in the 2057…BA series come in moisture-resistant, stainless steel housings. Based on resistance testing, the standard motor can handle 1,000 cycles in the autoclave.

Faulhaber Micromo LLC

Smart vacuum

Settings and tools in piSmart vacuum grippers offer real-time adjustments and customized software to simulate new production components such as suction cups.

With Internet connectivity, producers can store production data with operational settings for various equipment to maximize productivity following maintenance stops. Re-runs can be made using the same settings used during the first run. Real-time adjustments of single or multiple settings can be made without resetting the entire system.

Generic, fieldbus-independent input/output technology (IO-Link, Bluetooth) facilitate software-based simulation of new components or procedures. For instance, simulations can increase the efficiency of vacuum pumps. A 5% to 20% more efficient pump increases productivity up to 10%.

Piab USA