Beaumont Machine relocates, starts a new chapter
Beaumont Machine

Beaumont Machine relocates, starts a new chapter

Supplier of fast hole EDM renews commitment to industry, seeks continued expansion of machine line and markets.


As company president Ed Beaumont explains, “We needed a fresh start and we were committed to making it happen, on every level, from our physical location to the machine offerings to the markets served and more.”

And Beaumont Machine has done exactly that with the opening of its new manufacturing facility in the Cincinnati area – 4001 Borman Dr., Batavia, Ohio 45103; 513.701.0421;

“I started the company over 25 years ago, had success in the aerospace industry here in Cincinnati and elsewhere. After five years of semi-retirement, I returned to run the company, with three goals in mind. I wanted to relocate the business to a larger facility, expand the machine line to offer more companies the benefits of our unique designs and, lastly, grow our consumables business, a key to long-term relationships with EDM customers, precisely because the wire, guides, electrodes, dielectric resin, filters, rotary unions, seal kits and more are critical components to keep the machines up and running,” Ed says.

As of today, all three goals have been met, resulting in more business for the company and an expansion into new markets such as semiconductor materials processing and land-based power generation, particularly turbine blades.

The consumable sales have ramped up, owing to Beaumont securing reliable partners and having the warehouse capacity to carry expanded inventories. Customers can now call on Beaumont for all their consumables needs.

“Though Beaumont machines are available with Fanuc or Siemens CNC controls,” Ed explains, “our newest platform with Siemens allows us to create even more shapes with Realtime EDM. We bring them some pretty complex specs and they can always meet the challenges.”

Beaumont EDM machines are used primarily for precision placement of the cooling and gas flow holes in various products, from metering and diffuser holes on a jet engine turbine blade to large blade, seals, vanes, and transition ducts on power gen equipment and more.

The company also provides customers fixture design, training, part programming assistance, engineering, turnkeys, and vision system integration.

“It’s good to be back in the day-to-day operation of the business. It’s a passion for me and my team. We love solving EDM problems for our customers and will continue to push the envelope in machine performance,” Ed concludes.