Biomaterials for medical device implants

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Silicon nitride (Si3N4) delivers durability, stability, and articulating characteristics ideal for medical implants. Interbody device demand continues to grow, playing a role from orthopedics and sports medicine to dental, extremities, and trauma.

June 7, 2016

Market use for Si3N4

Spinal interbody device market

$1.6 billion – U.S.

$0.3 billion – Europe

$8.0 billion – Rest of World

Global sports medicine market

$6.1 billion (2015)

$8.1 billion (2019)

$3.8 billion – 2016 global trauma market

Market growth by 2030

5x for knee replacements

2x for hip replacements

Si3N4 attributes

  • Anti-infective
  • Bone friendly
  • Diagnostic imaging compatible
  • Resistant to fracture/wear
  • Superior hardness/strength
  • Non-corrosive/hydrophilic
  • Biocompatible

Si3N4 - ideal biomaterial

Solid micro composite (MC2)

As-fired promotes bone growth

Polished used for articulating applications

Porous: Cancellous (CsC)

Biologic substitute

Composite: Cortico-cancellous

Synthetic bone for spine, total joint

Coated metals

Joint, dental, trauma, sports medicine