CAMplete partners with machine tools builders

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CAMplete partners with machine tools builders; Harvey Performance partners with Autodesk

October 8, 2018

CAMplete TruePath is available for all Doosan Machine Tools America milling machines.

“Offering CAMplete’s TruePath software allows us to provide a proven, universal post-processor that also includes verification and optimization for the most efficient use of our customers’ Doosan 5-axis and 5-sided milling machines,” says Jim Shiner, director of sales and marketing, Doosan Machine Tools America.

“This partnership will provide our mutual customers with a rock solid, out of the box solution,” says Jeff Fritsch, VP sales and marketing, CAMplete.

CAMplete TruePath is also available to new and existing Grob Systems customers on all Universal Machining Centers.

“Working with CAMplete allows Grob to provide its customers with a universal post-processing solution, regardless of their preferred CAM software. Implementing CAMplete will be highly convenient for our customers and efficient for our applications engineering team,” says William Vejnovic, VP sales, universal machines.

Harvey Performance partners with Autodesk

Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions’ endmill tool libraries are available to upload into Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAM software. The partnership between Harvey Performance Co.’s cutting tool brands and Autodesk eliminates manually building Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions tools for projects programmed with the Fusion 360 CAM program. Features include:

  • Harvey Tool, Helical Solutions end mills available to download, import into Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software
  • Dimensional, required geometrical data available for more than 14,000 tools
  • Speeds, feeds not pre-populated, allowing users to determine appropriate running parameters for specific jobs, machining setups