Covestro, PharmaJet take the sting out of vaccinations
The syringe from the PharmaJet Tropis Needle-Free Injector uses a Makrolon polycarbonate resin from Covestro.

Covestro, PharmaJet take the sting out of vaccinations

Makrolon polycarbonate is key to needle-free injections that can stand up to sterilization.

Covestro, a leading polymer company, is proud to announce its collaboration with PharmaJet, a leading biotech company in needle-free injection technology. PharmaJet’s Needle-free Injection Systems (NFIS) provide a more effective way of administering drugs and biologics, and are preferred by patients, caregivers, and healthcare workers. NFIS are used as the method of delivery in 20+ COVID vaccine development programs and the world’s first plasmid-based DNA vaccine which recently received Emergency Use Authorization for COVID in India.

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Tropis ID Needle-free System for 0.1ml intradermal injections.

The PharmaJet systems require a polycarbonate material to meet the specifications of the syringe and vial adapter while standing up to gamma radiation and ethylene oxide sterilization. Covestro was able to support PharmaJet’s material needs, despite supply chain issues that affected many medical suppliers. 

Covestro has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing polycarbonate for the medical device industry. This product and collaboration demonstrates the company’s leadership and breadth of portfolio in this market. Covestro’s range of biocompatible, medical grade products are used across a range of applications from IV access components to surgical instruments to drug delivery solutions.

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The vial adapter from the PharmaJet Tropis Needle-Free Injector, which uses a polycarbonate resin from Covestro.

“We needed a polycarbonate resin that was suitable for our biotech applications and came from a vendor we could rely on,” says Chris Cappello, president and CEO, at PharmaJet. “Covestro has provided great support to PharmaJet in the fight against COVID-19, allowing the collaboration to achieve better immunological results than needle and syringe delivery.”

“Covestro is honored to provide a reliable supply of Makrolon polycarbonate that meets the demand of needle-free injection, ultimately leading to a better patient experience, and reduced waste,” says Mark Nichols, healthcare key account manager, Covestro. 

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