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DfAM added as core service; Accelerating production of end use parts at scale

October 14, 2022


DfAM added as core service

3DEO is introducing advanced end-to-end solutions to product and engineering teams to better support its customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

The decision to include early-stage design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) allows 3DEO to solve its customers’ needs at any stage of the product development life cycle – with the goal of production at scale.

“3DEO is a company built on the pillars of innovation – by innovators and for innovators,” says Matt Sand, 3DEO president and co-founder. “This evolution in service offerings positions us as a premier, highly differentiated partner.”

The company’s team of engineers understands the product innovation process, partnering with customers along various points of their product development journey, helping launch and scale products with a competitive edge.

Accelerating production of end use parts at scale

Carbon has acquired ParaMatters, expanding software capabilities to include topology optimization and enable product design and development teams to create better products in less time using a variety of materials and production systems.

Most software platforms are optimized for constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing, including injection molding, casting, and subtractive processes. The lack of modern design software quickly iterating and taking advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM) constrains the product development life cycle. This acquisition addresses this gap and expands Carbon's generative design software capabilities to enable increased automation and the creation of more complex, higher performance part designs.