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SmartMoma, an Omron automatically guided vehicle (AVG) with a robotic handling system.

Current products, technology

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AGV with robotic handling system; iPad to DRO; Software for smarter machining; Non-contact measuring; Immersion cleaning system

AGV with robotic handling system

SmartMoma, an Omron automatically guided vehicle (AVG) with a robotic handling system, and Nextage, a Kawada humanoid industrial robot launched at IMTS 2022. Design of these handling systems lines up with increasing demands in the area of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The Omron mobile robot allows automatic transportation of tool cassettes between different grinding machines and delivery to post-grinding stations.

The Kawada humanoid robot autonomously performs tasks such as cassette loading, pre-grinding or post-grinding tool inspection, laser marking, placing finished products into packaging tubes, and affixing labels to them.



iPad to DRO

The ACU-RITE-brand droPWR enables an iPad to become a digital readout (DRO), doing everything an ACU-RITE DRO can do without cables between tablet and machine tool.

Bluetooth technology along with an IBT interface box in the droPWR system allows connection to multiple machine configurations for milling, turning, and up to 6-axis grinding all from one tablet. This tablet DRO can be moved and used with various machines, making it suitable for environments such as small shops or shop class.

The droPWR combines the intuitive user experience of the traditional ACU-RITE DROs with modern touch screen conventions. The system includes an IBT interface box suitable for the machine tool and relevant encoders/brackets. A tablet with iOS 15 or greater is required.

With its simple on-boarding configuration set up, a user can quickly establish connection to the intended machine(s).



Software for smarter machining

Vericut machine simulation, verification, and optimization software for CNC machining, additive, and hybrid manufacturing processes operates independently, but also integrates all leading CAM systems.

Version 9.3 focuses on creating smarter, more efficient manufacturing processes with features collecting data around the machine, tools, and stock to improve simulation and manufacturing workflow. Enhancements include improved collision checking and increasing the limit on axes per subsystem. Cutting tool data in the Tool Performance Database and machine monitoring are also notable changes.

Vericut Force, the integrated optimization module in version 9.3 is enhanced with a change to deflection calculations to account for the entire rotating tool assembly, where previous versions only accounted for solid round tools with holders. This change improves part surface finish, ensures the part meets the appropriate dimensions, and extends cutter life.


Non-contact measuring

The Quick Vision (QV) Pro Series, the latest generation of Mitutoyo Vision Measurement systems, are packed with technologies improving 3D non-contact measurement and productivity through a non-contact measuring system delivering speed, efficiency, and versatility.

All the QV Pro Series machines can be retrofitted with Stream capability, RGB (red, green, blue) illumination systems, and side-mounted touch probe kits.




Immersion cleaning system

The RBS Modular System is an automated immersion cleaning system that expands as needed. The system is a dedicated inline process that includes a wash, rinse, ultrasonic wash, ultrasonic rinse, heated blow off, and vacuum drying system and is set up to process parts in a basket or on a fixture. The system can handle parts up to 1,100 lb (500kg) and can do up to 15 cycles per hour. The system cleans using a washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion and rotation, ultrasonics, and heated blow-off drying. The triple-action batch cleaning process was developed to process challenging parts, specifically those with internal bores and passages and complex geometries.

The RBS Modular System offers the features of the latest Siemens programmable controller and operator interface screen to boost system flexibility for automation integration, process control, and data logging while offering an intuitive user interface.