Dear IMTS 2016 Exhibitors and Visitors,

Departments - Welcome

July 22, 2016

Manufacturing has never been an industry that has stayed in one place for very long. From its very beginning, the people who put their lives into making things have always searched for ways to make them faster, more efficiently, and with more precision. It’s why manufacturing leads the way as the world’s most innovative industry. 

The pace of change for manufacturing technology is the fastest it has ever been. The promise of the digital factory offers numerous challenges, but even greater rewards. As an industry, we are charged with leveraging this promise to its greatest potential. This is also true of the advanced processes and advanced materials that are gaining a presence on shop floors around the world. 

As a manufacturing professional, I hope that you see just as much promise and excitement in our industry’s present and future as I do. While the changes and challenges can seem daunting, we are at the forefront of tremendous opportunity. Truly, this is the next wave of the industrial revolution. 

Your presence at IMTS speaks to your commitment to building a strong and innovative future for manufacturing. Thank you for joining us, and for helping to lead the way in our industry’s new era. 


Douglas K. Woods


AMT - The Association For Manufacturing  Technology