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September 16, 2021

Manufacturing Lunch & Learn September

12PM ET - EMUGE-FRANKEN: A Closer Look At 5-Axis Machining With Circle Segment End Mills

Reducing cycle times and achieving a superior surface finish are two key goals when 5-Axis machining. Manufacturers in aerospace, medical and automotive, die/ mold and many other industries that machine parts traditionally with a ball nose end mill have access to a powerful alternative: Circle Segment End Mills (also known as Conical Barrel Cutters). Increased tool life, superb finishes and significantly reduced cycle times are all easily achieved when using Circle Segment End Mills.
Attend this session to gain a solid understanding of this highly productive milling option including the following overview: 
  • Circle Segment Tools Defined
  • Tool Types and Applications
  • CAM Software Requirement
  • Why Choose Circle Segment over Ball Mills or Conventional Finishing Strategies (and when not to)
  • Real-Life Application Examples

Going green isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s also good business. When it comes to what’s in your coolant or cutting oil sump, choosing plant-based products saves money long term without compromising performance. Join us for lunch and learn how Blaser Swisslube leverages plant power to extend tool life and stabilize cutting processes while boosting workforce moral with a safer, cleaner shop environment.

1PM ET - HEIDENHAIN: Discover Process Reliability
The reliable mastery of even highly complex milling and turning processes will be addressed. High process reliability is made possible through the use of machine tool equipped with controls, encoders, and drive technology from HEIDENHAIN. We will dive into new key control technology topics and what are the benefits for the End-User.

September 22, 2021

Today's metrology delivers manufacturing efficiencies, quality assurance

This roundtable event will focus on the latest advancements in metrology including:

  • Coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) featuring high-precision probes to feed data into reports
  • Laser scanners – hand-held or mounted on portable robot arms – for measuring parts on the production line
  • X-ray computed tomography (CT) equipment – useful for checking 3D-printed parts – CT scanners inspect parts inside and out, detecting any flaws and assuring parts meet their CAD requirements
  • Structured blue light 3D scanners – providing precision scans with detailed resolution at high speeds


September 22, 2021

Fabrication Roundtable

This roundtable webinar will feature a panel of experts discussing trends and answering your questions regarding the latest fabrication machines and technologies. Learn insights about the state of global manufacturing and the impact of advancing technologies. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Additive manufacturing for molds and tooling
  • Ways to stay flexible while keeping per-part costs low
  • Automation in the fabrication world
  • How to pull Industry 4.0/IIoT data from equipment
  • Top growth industries and geographic markets
  • Choosing the right equipment to be prepared for the future


October 6, 2021

Anatomy of an M&A Deal – From Analysis to Valuation

Selling or acquiring a business might be one of the biggest business/financial decision a business owner can make. If you are a seller, you might be selling a company that you have successfully built and grown over decades. If you are an acquirer buying a business to add to yours might be the difference between a slower organic growth and quickly becoming a major player in your segment. There is a huge impact for whatever side you are on. As a seller, you know what you have put into growing your business. You want to be rewarded for it, and rightfully so. What are valuation expectations from companies <$10 million; between $10 million and $50 million; >$50 million, etc. What might drive valuation for your business? Perhaps it may be in terms of multiples of your revenues, or your EBITDA? Or, is it altogether a totally different equation based on strategic fit and the market segment you are in? And once you decide to sell, what is the process to find out the true valuation? As we know, the market ALWAYS decides the real valuation of any enterprise by the actual amounts someone is willing to pay for it. What steps should you think about in your M&A process to increase your opportunity to maximize your business value when you sell it? What type of M&A Advisor should you consider? How long is an optimal M&A process? So, what is the likely valuation of a business and what does it take to sell it? From the beginning of the process all the way to a successful transaction, join MedWorld Advisors' CEO Florence Joffroy-Black and Managing Director Dave Sheppard as they discuss this very specific subject.


October 13, 2021

Automating Medical Device Operations on One Platform at SPR Therapeutics

SPR Therapeutics manufactures innovative medical devices to combat pain without addictive opioids. But its aggressive growth plans were threatened by disconnected, inefficient internal systems and processes. Only with an integrated, modern technology platform could the company empower Sales, break down internal silos to provide decision-makers with real-time insights, and provide faster, more efficient resolution of customer complaints—all while building a foundation on which to run their entire manufacturing operations. Join us on this upcoming webinar to learn how SPR Therapeutics adopted a single platform for its medical device business that delivered a unified best of breed CRM, manufacturing and quality management solution to the entire organization. Ben Austin, Chief Financial Officer at SPR Therapeutics, will explain how the single platform:

  • Helped reduce compliant resolution times by 60% and open complaints by more than 5x.
  • Connected everything from supply chain, through operations and quality control, to sales and service, and gave decision makers bespoke dashboards for visibility into business drivers.
  • Delivered complete traceability, lot control, and complaints processing for better compliance and happier customers. Register now to learn more from this medical device manufacturer.


October 20, 2021

No Supports Metal Printing: Discover How to Get Highly Optimized Parts with Greater Design Freedom with Reduced Support Build Strategies

Past methods for supporting metal additive manufactured (AM) parts have imposed limitations on part design. The increased complexity associated with removing supports has added cost and lead time to the process, and some parts and applications have even been disqualified from AM due to support-based issues. Together with 3D Systems’ leading expertise and machine platforms, our 3DXpert software package has advanced metal AM capabilities to help expand your design envelope with features such as multi-exposure and thermal blades to help you realize the goal of no supports. Multi-exposure can drastically reduce the self-supporting angle while maintaining a high-quality surface finish, and thermal blades provide a structure to transfer heat and control the weld process for the lowest-angle features without welding to the part. Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • The historical challenge of minimum support angles
  • 3DXpert tools for advanced segmentation and parameter assignment
  • Multi-exposure strategies
  • Thermal blades strategies