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Compact turning center; Multi-function milling tool; Validating for cleanliness

February 1, 2021


The Lynx 2600SY with Y-axis adds a slightly larger platform to the Lynx 2100LSYB, providing shops with the flexibility and versatility to handle a wider range of projects. It is designed with a rigid bed structure and incorporates roller type LM guides for all axes.

Equipped with a Fanuc 0i-TF Plus controller, available with an optional iHMI user interface for ease of use, it features 3D part views with more detail for clear viewing on a 15" touch screen. The control is equipped with the Doosan EZ guide conversational programming feature but doesn’t take away the traditional G-code programming language.

Doosan Machine Tools


Multi-function milling tool

Designed for applications including spotting and drilling, side milling, chamfering, slotting, grooving, and engraving, the Carmex multi-function (MF) milling tool delivers economy and versatility as well as solid cutting performance. Constructed of ultra-fine carbide grade for stability and wear resistance, the multi-function milling tool features a new PVD coating for higher performance.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC



Validating for cleanliness

The Surface Analyst’s smart sensor technology reduces scrap, rework, recalls, warranty claims, and costs due to adhesion, coating, and cleanliness failures, enabling a zero defect and 100% critical surface cleanliness. In-line and handheld inspection capabilities collect quantitative data in as little as two seconds. Remote monitoring and data sharing allow surface quality to be evaluated from anywhere.

Predictive analytics from the Surface Analyst satisfies FDA regulations for product quality verification. When a manufacturer definitively determines the presence of contamination through root cause analysis, those data are vital for effective vendor compliance, total process monitoring, and stopping the problem at its source.

BTG Labs