Emuge’s cutting tool technology center

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Linear AMS’ online, automated rapid quoting, model building

February 6, 2017

A new technology center at Emuge’s North American headquarters in West Boylston, Massachusetts, allows manufacturers to test cutting-tool application strategies. The facility has 3- and 5-axis vertical machining centers, precision measuring devices, and tool monitoring. The technology center will enable manufacturing professionals in the U.S. and Canada to test-cut applications and develop milling, drilling, and threading strategies to optimize tool life and performance – reducing cycle times. www.emuge.com

Linear AMS’ online, automated rapid quoting, model building

Linear AMS and its online tool Rapid Quote offers an interactive service where users upload 3D CAD models, explore design iterations, and build cost models for metal additive manufacturing (AM).

Uploading CAD model to Linear AMS through Rapid Quote allows users to adjust models as needed with automated and accurate cost quotes for each iteration, speeding rework. Configuring alternatives with cost information expands options and can save hours if not days in eliminating guesswork.

The ability to highlight concerns on the CAD model allows a range of design considerations before production starts. Then, the same CAD file powers the Linear AMS metal AM equipment, streamlining design through production, including process traceability and material selection. www.linearams.com