Develop a reusable, efficient face mask; Winner keeps 30% patent rights

Develop a reusable, efficient face mask; Winner keeps 30% patent rights

Enter ennomotive' international challenge to develop a new, reusable, and efficient face mask in the battle against COVID-19.


Ennomotive launched an international online competition to develop a new, reusable mask models that help people breathe in their effort-intensive jobs.

Although there are available masks with different levels of protection according to filtration characteristics, these are very uncomfortable to wear since they make breathing difficult and are too warm. Besides, they do not offer complete protection since the virus is very small.

Another problem is that most of the masks are disposable, which generates a great amount of waste. The reason is that the material of the masks (nonwoven fabric) cannot be disinfected at 60ºC for 30 minutes since it negatively affects the mask fitting.

The ennomotive challenge aims to find new more efficient and reusable face masks that comply with the specifications of the N95, FFP2, or FFP3 models. They need to be efficient against the COVID-19 and helpful for effort-intensive jobs.

This online challenge is open worldwide to any professional, student, or academia from different industries and technical backgrounds that want to propose a solution for this challenge.

Ennomotive offers 16,000 EUR for the building of prototypes of the best solutions and a cash prize for the winner. And, if the solution is patentable, the winner will keep 30% of the patent rights. Interested participants should sign up at and submit their solution before the June 9, 2020.