Precision Drive Systems’ spindle repair services

Precision Drive Systems’ spindle repair services

PDS helps customers in the metalworking industry save time, money, and downtime with expert spindle repair services.


Bessemer City, North Carolina – Precision Drive Systems (PDS), a global provider of motor spindle repair and support, helps customers in the metalworking industry save time, money, and downtime, with more details available on the website. 

“Our new website has been designed to make it easier than ever to help our customers get the information and services they need to save time and money with expert spindle repair,” says Jack Livingston, sales manager for PDS. “PDS has the unique ability to provide comprehensive repair services for most belt driven, direct drive, and motorized metalworking spindles for CNC machines. Our new website gives metalworking professionals unparalleled access to the services and information they need to keep their production lines operating at peak performance with a minimum of downtime.”

The PDS metalworking website includes information about PDS, its metalworking repair services, processes, and the markets it serves. Customers can also submit spindle repair requests online, review frequently asked questions, and contact PDS for more information.

Two programs on the site designed to minimize downtime are its Local Drop-Off and Quick-Turn services. Customers who take advantage of PDS’ Local Drop-Off service can save on shipping by bringing their metalworking spindles directly to the PDS service center in Bessemer City for repair. PDS’ Quick-Turn service gives metalworking customers top priority for emergency repairs, with a three-business-day turnaround once the unit has been received and disassembled at PDS. Each metalworking spindle repaired comes with a 12-month warranty from the shipment date.