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Carr Lane Mfg. air rest buttons for workpiece support; Carmex mini mill-threads

October 30, 2018

The 325linear 5-axis CNC grinder now has extended X- and Y-axis movement plus two auxiliary slides for workpiece clamping and improved grinding wheel guidance across the entire machining envelope. It features a universal rotation A-axis with a 0.0001º resolution, high pitch accuracy, and the X-, Y-, and Z-axis resolution is maintained at <0.1µm. The swiveling C-axis for the grinding head has a 225º range of motion and resolution accuracy of <0.0001°.

The primary motor spindle operates up to 12,000rpm with 15kW max. drive output, while the grinding spindle option affords a max. speed of 24,000rpm. Linear axis travel on the machine is 480mm x 250mm x 275mm.

The machine is offered with the Schütte Integrated Grinding Software (SIGSpro), enabling users to assign clamping options for each grinding operation performed. When the support and tool guidance system are used, preset distances from the grinding wheel to the workpiece can be defined and held constant. In the 3D mode, all cycle steps can be simulated, controlled, and optimized for exact estimating, collision avoidance, and external workstation integration with the other workpieces.

Motion control is maintained on a Siemens 840D sl CNC with compatible drive technology.

Schütte MSA LLC

Workpiece support

Air rest buttons provide pneumatic position control for detecting proper workpiece loading on a machining fixture. The modular units consist of a threaded body installed in a fixture, holding a precision floating plunger with a reamed hole – available in three diameters – that accepts any height of Carr Lane’s standard press-fit-type rest buttons. Proper placement of a workpiece on the air rest button assembly causes the plunger to fully retract into the body, sealing off air flow and increasing the overall pressure of the system. Pressure value can be read using an analog or digital pressure sensor which can be tied into a PLC or control system.

Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

Mini mill-thread

Designed for small and deep threads applications, the MTSB mini mill-thread’s coolant bores remove chips when using high-pressure coolant. Constructed of solid carbide with advanced physical vapor deposition (PVD) triple coating, more flutes shorten cycle times and, combined with coolant use, improve tool life. Delivering high machining parameters and designed for deep thread-milling operations, the MTSB can be used on operations demanding increased performance and higher thread quality. Thread sizes range from M1.2 to M16 and 0-80 to 7/16-20UNF.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC