Okuma highlighting 5-axis machining without a 5-axis machining center

Okuma highlighting 5-axis machining without a 5-axis machining center

Hainbuch America, Kennametal, MP Systems, Lyndex-Nikken, Blaser Swisslube, Siemens PLM all participating in demo.


Germantown, Wisconsin – The 2017 Okuma Partners in THINC Winter Showcase will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, from Dec. 5-6. It will feature a demonstration of a modular approach to enable manufacturers to generate high-precision 5-axis parts without investing in a dedicated 5-axis machining center.

Okuma is providing a GENOS M56O-V machining center for the demonstration, Hainbuch America will provide precision workholding, Kennametal will bring tooling, Haimer-USA will showcase shrink fit toolholders, MP Systems will provide high-pressure coolant and chiller systems, Lyndex-Nikken is supplying 5-axis rotary tables, Blaser Swisslube will offer mineral oil based coolant, and Siemens PLM will provide systems software.

Okuma product specialist and Tech Center Manager Wade Anderson says, “Much of the current manufacturing environment is characterized by the need for complex parts produced in small- to medium-batch quantities. As parts requiring 5-axis machining have become more in demand, especially in industries such as aerospace and medical, manufacturers are faced with the problem of justifying a dedicated 5-axis machine for a limited number of parts or parts families.”

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Hainbuch America team leader and regional sales manager John Soukup adds, “Constructed of 7075 T-6 heat treated aluminum, the part will be clamped on the ID by a Hainbuch Mando Adapt workholding system affixed to an 8” Nikken 5-axis rotary table. The Hainbuch system is exceptionally versatile in that the unit can be used for both ID and OD applications. The ID application features a system that incorporates both hardened steel clamps and patented elastomer segments that provide maximum clamping force without marring the part finish.”

The Kennametal tooling package includes the 7792 high-feed cutters with 6mm inserts, carbide end mills with TiB2 coating, a Romicron boring system for the large bore application, as well as drills of various diameters. Tool management will be achieved through the use of Kennametal’s NOVO digital tools. Tooling will be equipped for delivery of high-pressure coolant.

Haimer shrink fit toolholders and balancing equipment incorporate induction coil heating to deliver more than twice the clamping force of the nearest competitor. The balancing process reduces vibration and results in longer tooling life, better finishes, and improved boring performance.

Blaser Swisslube selected Vasco 6000, an ester based Liquid Tool, for its effectiveness in high-heat, hard-machining operations. A high-pressure coolant and chiller system from MP Systems operating at 1,000psi and 8 gallons per minute will facilitate faster cutting and drilling by efficiently evacuating chips while maintaining thermal control to prevent distortion.

Siemens PL (Product Lifecycle) NX, an integrated CAD and CAM platform will ensure correct geometries and provide full digital modeling capabilities. In the event of any changes, the system will reconfigure tool paths and ancillary modifications.

Anderson adds, “This is the sixth year of our Partners in THINC Winter Showcase, and over that time we have seen how, working together, we not only solve specific application problems but also advance technology as a whole. If I had to summarize why our partnership has worked so well, it is because all of us are intent on delivering ‘the best from the best.’”