Why Smalley attends HANNOVER MESSE 2017

Why Smalley attends HANNOVER MESSE 2017

The steel ring maker plans to showcase an expanded line of small Crest-to-Crest Wave Springs.


Hannover, Germany – At the April 24-28 HANNOVER MESSE 2017 show in Hannover, Germany, steel ring maker Smalley will be displaying its expanded Crest-to-Crest ®  Wave Spring Series, compact rings to support ever-smaller devices and components.

The popular C (imperial) and CM (metric) Series have been expanded with standard sizes available from 5mm OD (0.188”) in diameter.

“Smalley was the originator of the Crest-to-Crest ®  Wave Spring,” states Darryl McBride, Smalley’s Director of Engineering. “I was amazed when I saw our springs coiled up to 4m in diameter, what surprised me even more was how much engineering went into designing smaller. Our expanded spring series will open up possibilities for designers in the medical, computer, and robotics industries, where wave springs couldn’t fit before."

Engineering and manufacturing teams continue to push the coiling limits with custom solutions available as small as 4mm (0.157”) in diameter.

With more than 190,000 visitors expected, Smalley officials expect HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to be a great venue for the product. To uncover why HANNOVER MESSE 2017 is a must attend event for visitors and exhibitors, we sat down with Ken Massett, Smalley’s vice president of sales.

Why attend HANNOVER MESSE 2017?

Smalley has attended the HANNOVER MESSE for more than 25 years. It is one of the few global manufacturing exhibitions. The show presents a great opportunity to meet engineers and buyers from industries and countries around the world.

What can people learn about the future of manufacturing technology?

By visiting Hannover, attendees can learn about the new technologies and materials available from today’s manufactures to be more competitive in the global marketplace. While Smalley Wave Springs have been on the market for decades, new advancements in coiling technologies have enabled us to offer our products in smaller diameters, allowing our customers to reduce the costs of their products.

How can I arrange a meeting with your company at HANNOVER MESSE 2017?

Smalley will have a team of engineers on staff for the duration of the event. Our engineering team has cross-industry design experience and is prepared to answer design questions. This is great opportunity to learn how Smalley can spec an application specific ring or spring solution, whether it means a standard part or a custom solution. We are located in Hall 4, A26.

What does your company hope to accomplish at HANNOVER MESSE 2017?

As the leading manufacturer of Wave Springs and Spirolox-type Retaining Rings, we hope to show how Smalley’s leading edge design team can provide space saving solutions to any industry with best-in-class quality and deliverability.

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