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August 15, 2016

The FZ08MT Precision+ machining center – a 6-sided precision machine – delivers demanding tolerances and quality in a small footprint. Precision+ achieves flawless surfaces with speed and efficiency and complex 5-axis parts can be produced in a single setup without additional finishing. Thermal stability, rigidity, and consistent chip handling make the FZ08MT Precision+ flexible with small or large production volumes.

With a primary swivel-head spindle, full-fledged turning spindle, and a counter spindle for reverse-turning or simultaneous 5-axis machining, the FZ08MT Precision+ consolidates tasks – milling, turning, drilling, threading – into a compact unit. The main spindle incorporates a direct torque drive with a swivel range of -10° to 100°, at speeds of up to 54,000rpm.

Designed for dynamics and rigidity, the swivel head ensures the tool-center-point remains constant, without any movement in the X- and Z-axis. Full-value turning up to 8,000rpm is possible with the turning spindle, which accommodates bar diameters up to 42mm. The integrated counter-spindle allows continuous, simultaneous 5-axis work during the machining process. X, Y, and Z travel is 210mm, 200mm, and 360mm.

The machine includes a tool changer with a chip-to-chip time of approximately 2.1 seconds. Capable of holding up to 96 tools, the operator can use the machine’s loading gate to quickly exchange tools during production.

The FZ08MT Precision+ makes its North American debut during IMTS 2016.

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IMTS 2016 Booth #S-9066