High-speed turn/mill machining

A machine for high-precision processing of workpieces.


The NTX turn & mill series offers a range of machines for productive manufacturing in demanding industries. The NTX 500 was added to the lineup, a compact model offering a working area up to 120mm x 558mm.

The heart of the NTX 500 is a high-speed turn & mill compactMASTER spindle with a length of 250mm. Its turning speed of 42,000rpm and a ±120° swivel range offer flexibility in 5-axis simultaneous machining – even with small diameter precision tools; the Y-axis moves by 150mm. The main and counter turnMASTER spindle each offer 8,000rpm. In addition, the turn & mill center allows 6-sided complete machining of demanding workpieces.

The NTX 500 features a lower turret with 16 tool positions, including a Y-axis with 60mm travel, allowing parallel cutting to the turn & mill spindle in 4-axis machining, further reducing cycle times. The tool magazine can be loaded during machining and offers space for 38 tools (Capto C4/HSK-T40/KM40); 76 or 114 tool positions are optionally available.

Automation solutions available for the NTX 500 include an integrated bar feeder (right side bar feeder) and an In Machine Travelling Robot (IMTR) for unmanned production across long distances. The former is designed for bar stock up to 40mm. The integrated robot allows automatic workpiece unloading from the main and counter spindles.

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