Automation: Virtual vision guided robotics

Automation: Virtual vision guided robotics

Attend the IMTS 2016 Conferences and on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016 you can hear David Bruce from Fanuc America Corp discuss virtual vision guided robotics.


Chicago, Illinois – This presentation will focus on Robotics and Vision Systems, two areas of automation that are increasingly working together. In this talk I will demonstrate (using 3D robotic simulation software) the steps to setup and execute 2D and 3D vision guided robotics including 2D pick and place and 3D bin picking. I will go over the advantages of using virtual VGR in the engineering phase of large and small automation projects, including real work examples, and the different software packages that can be used. Virtual VGR is also an invaluable teaching aid for engineers learning about the very interesting and growing field of vision guided robotics, commonly referred to as VGR.

About the speaker
David Bruce, Engineering Manager/Material Handling Group, FANUC America Corp., earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario and joined FANUC America Corporation (FAC) in Rochester Hills, Michigan in 1997 as an installation engineer for FAC’s automated systems group (ASG) and spent his first year supporting the installation of FANUC robots all over the US. He then moved into the software engineering department of ASG where he spent several years working on different robotic applications including palletizing, dispensing, spot-welding, material handling, and assembly often using FANUC’s integrated vision system iRVision in the execution of these projects. While working as a software engineer he also earned a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Dave transferred into the material handling segment at FAC in 2009 to support FAC integrators and end users with their vision guided robotic (VGR) applications. Dave’s is currently an engineering manager in the MH segment at FAC where he and his reporting engineers support FAC integrators and end users with current and future VGR applications.

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