In vivo self-powered wireless cardiac monitoring

In vivo self-powered wireless cardiac monitoring

ACS Nano publishes research on in vivo self-powered wireless cardia monitoring via implantable triboelectric nanogenerator.

June 22, 2016

Harvesting biomechanical energy in vivo is an important route in obtaining sustainable electric energy for powering implantable medical devices. The authors demonstrate an implantable triboelectric nanogenerator (iTENG) for in vivo biomechanical energy harvesting. Driven by the heartbeat of adult swine, the output voltage and the corresponding current were improved by factors of 3.5 and 25, respectively, compared with the reported in vivo output performance of biomechanical energy conversion devices. In addition, the in vivo evaluation of the iTENG was demonstrated for more than 72 hours of implantation, during which the iTENG generated electricity continuously in the active animal. Due to its excellent in vivo performance, a self-powered wireless transmission system was fabricated for real-time wireless cardiac monitoring. Given its outstanding in vivo output and stability, iTENG can be applied not only to power implantable medical devices but also possibly to fabricate a self-powered, wireless healthcare monitoring system.

Source: ACS

Qiang Zheng†, Hao Zhang‡, Bojing Shi†, Xiang Xue‡, Zhuo Liu§, Yiming Jin†, Ye Ma‡, Yang Zou§, Xinxin Wang†, Zhao An‡, Wei Tang†, Wei Zhang‡, Fan Yang‡, Yang Liu‡, Xilong Lang‡, Zhiyun Xu*‡, Zhou Li*†, and Zhong Lin Wang*†?

† Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST), Beijing 100083, China

‡ Institute of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai 200433, China

§ School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China

? School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0245, United States

ACS Nano, Article ASAP

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.6b02693

Publication Date (Web): June 02, 2016

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