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Small hydraulic chuck for HSK-E25 spindles; Drag finishing machine; Guidewire centerless grinder; Second-gen vision system; Geometry, grade combination; Quality intelligence platform

June 1, 2017

Small hydraulic chuck for HSK-E25 spindles

Super Slim hydraulic chucks (HDC) tool holders are for precision finishing processes in confined areas with drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, diamond reamers, and grinding tools. Cutting tools with 3mm or 4mm shank diameters can be clamped directly.

Requiring one wrench for clamping and unclamping, chucks can clamp ultra-small endmills and drills without a reduction sleeve. The external body diameter of the chuck nose is 0.551" (14mm), and a gage length of 1.575" (40mm). Each tool is balanced for speeds up to 60,000rpm and runout accuracy of less than 3µm (0.00012") at 5xD.

Super Slim HDCs are also available for HSK-E 32 and HSK-E 40 spindles.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

Drag finishing machine

The M-TMD drag finisher processes workpieces mounted to rotating satellite stations consisting of multi-spindle heads, each holding one workpiece. Each spindle has its own rotational movement – spindles move in a circle within two larger circles formed by the carousel and workstation rotation – and spindle heads can be tilted in different angles. During finishing, the work bowl vibrates for optimum mixing of media while undersize media, media fines, and metal fines from the workpieces continuously discharge from the machine.

The machines offer wet and dry processing. Multiple finishing steps – from pre-grinding to the final polishing stage – take place in one machine without workpiece removal and remount.

Walther Trowal

Guidewire centerless grinder

The GT-9AC grinds guidewires with multiple tapers, paddles, and parabolic shapes. It uses high-speed imaging technology and a 1µm encoder across the entire length of the feeder to update the position of the wire every 0.00025" (0.006mm) at typical grinding speeds. Faster position updates improve length accuracy and repeatability, supporting ever-increasing tolerance requirements.

With no fixed sensors or sensing banks, changing wire length or profile takes only seconds. Upper and lower slides feature 0.1µm glass scale feedback, allowing for automatic blade sizing. Maximum length of the grind is limited only by the overall length of the feeding system.

Glebar Co.

Second-gen vision system

The compact In-Sight 7000 series vision system’s modular design offers more than 400 field configurations. IP67-rated, the system includes flexible image technology – an LED ring light that produces even, diffused illumination across the entire image – eliminating the need for external lighting. Light colors, optical filters, and polarizers can be swapped in for specific applications, and field-changeable lens options enhance versatility with C-mount, S-mount lenses, mechanical autofocus lens options.

Cognex Corp.

Geometry, grade combination

MS3, teamed with high-tech grade WSM01 – manufactured using the high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) method – provides extremely smooth surfaces characterized by precision layer thickness and bonding and high-level wear resistance.

Negative inserts with MS3 geometry are available with sintered and fully ground circumference. The inserts’ smooth surfaces and sharp cutting edges minimize build-up for quality surface finishes. Coolant jet guiding geometry optimizes cooling directly on the cutting edge.

Walter USA LLC

Quality intelligence platform

Aggregating data from disparate sources and input methods, Enact uncovers strategic information and prioritizes enterprise-wide quality activities.

Enact Quality Intelligence is a native- cloud quality intelligence platform that lets users view quality information from any device, highlighting how processes are running, where problems exist, and where quality resources should be engaged. Enact also triggers real-time alarms and identifies opportunities for improvement.

InfinityQS Int’l Inc.