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Boring bar for lathe applications; High-accuracy, 5-axis VMC; 3D printer with LMF technology; Quick change chuck

March 2, 2017

Boring bar for lathe applications

The Smart Damper boring bar for lathe applications has a heavyweight, strengthened damping mechanism integrated into the tool holder that functions as dynamic counter and friction damper. It absorbs vibration and eliminates chatter for higher machining accuracy, better surface finishes, and increased metal removal rates. The design allows for coolant through the body directly to the cutting edge.

The Smart Damper boring bar features three modular insert holders, optimized for right-hand ID turning with ISO standard inserts at a minimum diameter of 1.580". Metric bodies are available in 32mm and 40mm diameters, with inch versions at 1.250" and 1.500" diameters. Boring depths are possible at approximately 7x.

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.

High-accuracy, 5-axis VMC

The VC-500A/5X vertical machining center (VMC) has a trunnion-style rotary/tilt table for accurate, cost-effective processing of small, complex parts in 5-axis machining. Equipped standard with a CAT-40, 12,000rpm spindle for consistent metal removal capabilities in all common materials, optional 15,000rpm and 20,000rpm spindles are available.

The 60-tool magazine on the VC-500A/5X helps reduce set up time, allows for redundant tooling, and provides more unmanned, uninterrupted operations. In tandem with the magazine, the machine’s automatic tool changer provides fast tool exchange reducing non-cut times. Tool monitoring detects problems early, maximizing production efficiency and lowering operating costs.

Axis travels are 19.88" x 19.88" x 20.07" (X, Y, Z), allowing parts up to 19.68" in diameter and 12" high. Rapid traverse speeds for the three linear axes are 1,181ipm.

An oil chiller integrated into the machine cools the VC-500A/5X’s head and table minimizing thermal displacement. Its trunnion-style rotary/tilt table is constructed with high-speed roller gear cam drive technology for high torsional rigidity and positioning accuracy. The table tilts ±110° in the B-axis, rotates 360° in the C-axis, and can accommodate workpieces up to 440 lb.

Mazatrol SmoothX CNC makes it easy to generate programs for highly complex parts production. Advanced functions ensure the shortest possible machining cycle times. Visit Mazak at PMTS in booth #349.

Mazak Corp.

3D printer with LMF technology

Using lasers and metallic powder – laser metal fusion (LMF) – the TruPrint 1000 builds components, based on data supplied directly by a CAD program. LMF systems create the component, layer by layer, from metal powders with grain sizes as small as 20µm – ideal for parts with complex geometry, such as internal channels and hollow spaces, and for individual parts or short production runs. The compact model can generate parts up to 100mm x 100mm. The user interface with touch screen control steps the operator intuitively through the individual phases of the process.


Quick change chuck

Rota NCX, a power lathe chuck with quick-jaw-change system, boasts a large through-hole and reduced-weight. Rota NCX fits perfectly on machines equipped with short stroke cylinders and can replace conventional lathe chucks by using the internal parts of an existing chuck – the same draw tube adapter, adapter plate, and retaining ring. With the Rota NCX, a jaw set can be changed out with a repeat accuracy of 0.02mm, while decreasing setup time by up to 80%.


PMTS booth #253