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Small-necked solid-carbide end mills; Dynamic workholding; Intuitive measuring, inspection software; Class 100 cleanroom cabinet oven

February 6, 2017

Small-necked solid-carbide end mills

Jabro-Solid2 JS554 solid-carbide end mills offer versatility with smaller neck diameter options, providing greater clearance when machining complex components. Smaller neck dimensions offer easier access to parts clamped in complicated fixturing arrangements, enabling users to take full advantage of 4- and 5-axis machining. Neck sizes are optimized to retain tool rigidity while providing full compatibility with standard toolholder connective systems. The tools can machine materials in the ISO P, M, S, and other material groups.

JS554 end mills provide high stability and low deflection with tool diameters from 3mm to 20mm and typical cutting lengths 2xD +2mm. Reach lengths are 3xDc. The range also includes corner radius and 45° chamfer versions, for cylindrical and Weldon shanks.

Seco Tools LLC

Dynamic workholding

The mPower workholding line includes the SpeedLoc precision mounting system, ModLoc modular tooling columns, and SpinLoc indexers. Benefits include:

  • Set-up, change fixtures in seconds
  • Workholding flexibility
  • Optimized manufacturing throughput
  • Reduced operating costs

ModLoc tooling columns have a strong exterior structure, simple to construct ModLoc manifold, and support brackets that securely connect with the fixture plates to form a precise, integrated, high-strength, rigid structure.

The ModLoc system is assembled using Modern’s SpeedLoc locator/fastener system. SpeedLoc allows quick, accurate assembly and disassembly, enabling endless configurations of ModLoc columns.

Modern Industries Inc.

Intuitive measuring, inspection software

P7 measuring and inspection software simplifies complex applications for operators with any experience level. Some P7 features include:

  • Echo – Monitors operator’s process once, reproduces it automatically
  • Automated Analysis Inspection and Measurement (AAIM) – Compares cutting tool forms, measurements to a .dxf drawing
  • The P7 measuring and inspection software is available on series 1550, 1850, and Apex tool measuring and inspection machines. Designed to be modular and grow as needed, P7 software modules are available to add at any time. 

    Parlec Inc.

    Class 100 cleanroom cabinet oven

    No. 923 is an electrically heated, 500°F Class 100 cleanroom cabinet oven with a 36" x 36" x 51" workspace. Incoloy- sheathed tubular heating elements with 30kW power and a 1,500cfm, 2hp recirculating blower provide heated horizontal airflow to the workload. Featuring an aluminized steel exterior, type 304 stainless-steel interior, it has a 2B finish with continuously back-welded seams and 4" insulated walls. Double front doors with positive latching door hardware are also included.

    Cabinet oven No. 923 has two 30" x 24" x 6" stainless-steel high-temperature HEPA recirculating filters and easily removable ductwork to expose the filters for inspection and replacement.

    The Grieve Corp.