High-precision multitasking machining center

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The Nakamura-Tome MX-100 multitasking machining center with advanced software, smart features, and a 96-tool capacity delivers accuracy and productivity. The high-precision multitasking turning center is equipped with a 15hp, 20,000rpm upper tool spindle with turning capability. An 8,000rpm milling turret offers 12 tool stations with 24 indexing positions.

The machine has several smart features including the NT Work Navigator that recognizes coordinates of machine parts with non-round shapes without any additional costs involved, eliminating the need for positioning fixtures and clamping devices. The included Advanced NT Nurse System all-in-one software delivers easy-to-use support for operation, programming, and production. Critical functionality includes phase recognition (key for multitasking), direct chucking enabling transfer without positioning error, and precise synchronization of the left- and right-hand spindles. Additional functions include a load monitor for identifying tool wear/breakage, tool life management, and machine monitoring.

A standard electronic-detector safety feature reduces the impact and force of a machine collision. Should a crash occur, servo-motor feeding direction reverses, and the machine stops within 4 milliseconds.

Methods Machine Tools Inc.


Slim Line 5-axis milling chucks

The FPC milling/drilling chuck line now includes Slim Line models to enhance 5-axis machining productivity and versatility. Available in 1/8” to 9/16” (2mm to 14mm), the compact, slim design with tapered shape enables easier access to the work, especially in confined areas and for challenging angles.

FPC chucks are available in five shank styles (CAT, HSK-A, SK, BT, and PSC) in 68 different SKUs for various applications. A full range of high precision collets and accessories are offered. FPC collets come in three size ranges (FPC 14, FPC 20, and FPC 25) in more than 110 different SKUs, from 1/8" to 1-1/4" (2mm to 32mm).

Emuge Corp.

Additive manufacturing (AM) process monitoring software

InfiniAM Sonic acoustic process monitoring software uses the monitoring systems’ acoustic energy sensors to detect vibration and collect sound waves for build quality analysis. Using four high-frequency sensors in different locations results in a slight time difference, which the software uses to triangulate the position and magnitude of the noise on the build plate. These data can then be combined graphically with other sensor data to build a comprehensive view of the part and the conditions at the time of build.

InfiniAM Sonic works in conjunction with InfiniAM Central and InfiniAM Spectral, which improve understanding of build quality, build process confidence, and process development. The InfiniAM Central mobile app delivers real-time build process notifications to users.