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February 9, 2018

Automated, dual robot production grinding cell

The TXcell production grinding cell – a TX grinding machine with dual robot automation – incorporates additional part processing stations to handle multiple setups in medical device manufacturing. Typically done on separate work stations, this can involve milling, grinding, deburring, polishing, washing, and serial-number marking.

Difficult-to-hold parts, such as knee implants, can be loaded into a dedicated fixture and automatically loaded into the TX grinding machine. In place of grinding wheels, milling and deburring tools or buffing wheels can be added to eliminate the need for separate work stations to perform these operations.

While the TX machine performs milling and grinding operations, the dual robot cell simultaneously carries out tasks such as serial-number marking with a laser and ultrasonic washing.

Finished parts are more consistent and within nominal tolerances – even when running unmanned batches. By measuring a finished part and comparing it to a master, the Renishaw Equator part measurement unit provides instant feedback on whether parts are meeting tolerances. Additionally, results for some features can be fed back to the grinding machine with compensation applied.

Consolidation of multiple processes into one machining cell reduces floor space requirements, eliminating the need to transport workpieces between work stations.


2D vision measuring system

Quick Image CNC (QI-C), the latest in the series of 2D vision measuring systems, features 32mm x 24mm field of view, depth of focus up to ±11mm, motorized X-Y stage, and QIPAK software.

The telecentric optical system, combined with image stitching capability of QIPAK V6.1, allows automated wide-area measurements. The QI-C series is available with 0.2x optical magnification, measuring accuracy of (3.5 + 0.2L)µm, and measuring range options of 200mm x 100mm, 200mm x 170mm, and 300mm x170mm.

Measurement results are displayed in real time on the video image, enabling tolerance judgments at a glance. High-luminance LED lighting and megapixel color camera provide high-resolution images for observation and measurement.

Mitutoyo America Corp.

Grooving, parting tool

Cut MX grooving and parting tools feature four cutting edges per insert in three geometries – GD8, CF5, and RF5 – and with Tiger?tec Silver PVD coating. Self-aligning, tangential clamping of the MX system and the dowel pin location in its insert seat offer repeatability, stability, and process reliability – it is impossible to fit the inserts incorrectly.

Cut MX geometries offer chip control and cutting depths of up to 6.00mm and cutting widths from 0.80mm to 3.25mm are available in the standard range.

Precise center height and cutting edges make the system suited for precision grooves, circlip grooves, and small diameters. The system’s design requires only one type of cutting insert for the left- and the right-hand toolholders.

Walter USA LLC