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Personal waterjet cutter; Gage sets; Slant-bed CNC lathe

Personal waterjet cutter

The ProtoMax compact, abrasive waterjet system for prototyping and low-volume cutting offers the benefits of large abrasive waterjet cutters in a small package, suitable for small job shops. It’s also for large shops and fabricators needing occasional waterjet capabilities to complement other cutting systems. The ProtoMax delivers 30,000psi cutting power with a 5hp pump for precisely cutting materials under 2”.

Omax Corp.

Gage sets

Go/No-Go gage sets are designed for part inspection for machining processvariations such as form size, twist, and tool wear. Held to extremely tigh tolerances, within 0.0002” (0.005mm), the gages are produced from oil-hardened M2 high-speed steel and can be custom made to the shape or size required.

Gages are available for a range of shapes, either as full form composite, sector, or progressive forms. Plug and ring gages are offered for checking internal or external forms. Long form gage certification is available upon request for required applications and industries.

Popular shape gages, such as hexagon and hexalobular (six lobe), are available as standards in both inch and metric dimensions. Custom plug and ring gages are also available with rapid turnaround times. Both starndard and custom-inspection gages are available as Go/No-Go sets or can be purchased individually.

Slater Tools

Slant-bed CNC lathe

The SL-II series’ three models – SL6-II, SL8-II, and SL10-II – feature Milltronic’s Series 9000 CNC control, which can be programmed conversationally or with G- and M-codes.

These slant-bed turning centers have roller guideways for accuracy and heavy cutting; Yaskawa Sigma V servomotors and drives; and ballscrews that are doublenut pre-loaded, pre-tensioned, and anchored on both ends.

Spindles are manufactured by Royal and feature six rows of bearings. They are permanently grease-packed and maintenance-free with two rows of roller bearings up front, two rows of ABEC Class 7 P4 preloaded angular contact bearings mounted behind and in back. Two additional rows of roller bearings provide stiffness and rigidity for heavy cutting.

All models are available with optional programmable quill tailstocks, Renishaw pre-setters, lift-up chip conveyors, bar feed interface, parts catchers, and/or collet chucks.

The Series 9000 control runs on an Intel Dual Core i5 64-bit processor and offers 4GB memory, 120GB disk storage, 2 USB ports, and an enlarged 15” LCD color touch screen.

Milltronics USA Inc.