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Beta LaserMike measurement system; Branson ultrasonic welding platform; Mazak's multi-tasking machine

February 4, 2019

Off-line diameter, ovality measurement

The Beta LaserMike BenchMike off-line diameter and ovality measurement system offers expanded connectivity, communication, and control. Industry 4.0 ready, BenchMike Pro provides fast, accurate, and repeatable dimensional measurements of diameter, multiple ODs, ovality, part position, multiple part dimensions (OD and ID), wall thickness, and total runout. With ±0.90µm accuracy and ±0.25µm repeatability, users gain increased performance capabilities and accuracy.

Beta LaserMike, an NDC Technologies Brand
MD&M West 2019 Booth #3129

Ultrasonic welding platform

The Branson GSX ultrasonic welding platform, with Emerson’s Electro-Mechanical Advanced Actuation System, improves position accuracy for faster, high-performance welding of fragile, intricate components. The configurable platform accommodates different parts and applications through many welding parameters and actuation modes during a single weld. A multicore processor and linear encoder drive allows the system to instantaneously adjust using real-time feedback, ensuring precision and repeatability across multiple welders.

The platform can be configured from stand-alone benchtop systems to semi- and fully-automated manufacturing lines. It’s Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled, accessing actionable performance and diagnostic data to support production efficiency, traceability, and maintenance.

Simple, intuitive software lets operators perform faster, correct setups, reducing application testing time, and up to 60% faster start-up. By retaining alignment information and setup within the assembly, a GSX stack and tooling can be replaced in less than 5 minutes, allowing various components to be welded with limited production schedule disruption.

MD&M West 2019 Booth #3201

Multi-tasking machine

When paired with the GR50 robot automation solution, the QTU-200MSY multi-tasking machine brings efficiency, accuracy, and value to high- volume small parts production. The 2-pallet shuttle table accompanying the GR50 robot allows operator access to the opposed table for part changeover and continuous production. With a maximum workpiece diameter of 4.92" (125mm) and length of 5.90" (150mm), the dual, parallel three-jaw robot hands can handle various workpiece applications.

The QTU-200MSY’s integral spindle/motor headstock provides precision in high-speed turning applications. A variable-speed AC motor powers the headstock for smooth acceleration and deceleration, while its motor braking design provides C-axis positioning within 0.0001°.

MAZATROL SmoothC CNC technology allows operators to generate programs for basic turning, milling, drilling, and tapping operations with EIA/ISO and MAZATROL conversational programming.

The GR50 has ±0.2mm repeatability and features a B-axis design that uses a B1 and B2 segmented axis configuration, doubling the system’s traverse speed to 9,842ipm (250m/min) for faster cycle times and increased productivity.

Mazak USA