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5-axis VMC; 3D surface metrology systems; Vericut software

September 5, 2018

5-axis VMC

The DA300 vertical machining center offers speed, precision, and flexibility for complex part applications and multi-axis workpieces. Its capabilities include single setup, multi-side accessibility, or full-contouring to tackle various complex production part applications.

A 20,000rpm HSK-A63 spindle machines various workpiece materials including aluminum, die-cast, steel, and titanium. The machine’s standard configuration includes a 60-position ring-type tool magazine and a Vision Broken Tool Sensor (BTS) to verify the integrity of the tooling prior to use.

Makino Inc.

3D surface metrology systems

The MarSurf CM series of optical 3D surface metrology systems feature confocal technology with high-precision 16-bit HDR technology, offering high-resolution 3D surface topography data for surface structures and processing.

The technology enables physical acquisition of a true-height signal instead of measuring height via pixel contrast or pattern projection. Confocal technology can be used on light-scattering to highly reflective materials.

The systems provide micron and nanometer resolution surface finish and micro-geometry information including 2D and 3D surface roughness, bearing area, flatness, depth, and volume.

Measurement and data evaluation processes can be fully automated, including fiducial recognition, which automatically detects and corrects errors in sample positioning without user input, as well as generating Go/No-Go reports


Mahr Inc.

Vericut software

Vericut 8.2 software, used to simulate CNC machining, improves verification of additive build processes. Processes include the buildup of overlaps, acute corners, tight overlapping bead paths, and double-deposits (overlapping start/end points). An alert message will appear when the laser focal point is too far from the part’s surface, for excessive overhang conditions, and/or excesive build-up at corners and overlaps. The corner and overlap alert helps determine when to make a milling cut.