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Vertical high-speed machining center; Benchtop 3D X-ray microscope; Turning carbide inserts

March 7, 2019

Vertical high-speed machining center

A cast-iron machine bed and the 35mm linear guideways on the DMG MORI DMP 70 deliver up to 30% faster machining of difficult workpieces. The spindle’s higher spring preload and tool magazine with metal clips add stability. The standard DMP 70 is equipped with a 10,000rpm 7Nm torque in-line spindle. Its tool change and chip-to-chip time of 1.5 seconds ensure high levels of productivity and the tool magazine can hold up to 15 tools with lengths up to 250mm; 25-tool pockets optionally available.


Benchtop 3D X-ray microscope

Skyscan 1273 benchtop 3D X-ray microscope, based on micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) technology, delivers non-destructive testing (NDT) on parts up to 500mm long, 300mm diameter, and 20kg. A higher-energy X-ray source running at higher power (130kV, 39W) and a large format 6MP flat-panel detector produce 3D images of internal structures with high resolution based on a voxel size smaller than 3µm.

Micro-CT with helical scanning for distortion-free data acquisition and artifact-free reconstruction algorithms provide images without blurring, even for planar structures in all directions. For high-speed requirements, InstaRecon accelerates 3D imaging up to 100x compared to traditional algorithms.

Bruker Corp.

Turning carbide inserts

TFX front-turning carbide inserts for Swiss CNC applications deliver large depths of cut in a single pass (up to 0.197"). Incorporating a special chip-breaker and sharp cutting edge for chip control and consistent surface finishes, TFX inserts are available in DM4 (for titanium, cobalt chrome, heat-resistant alloys, and stainless steels) and ST4 (stainless steels 304 & 17-4PH).

Corresponding TFT series holders have rigid side screw clamping for stable turning, preventing insert movement from Z-directional cutting forces. Pairing the TFX insert with the TFT-OH2 coolant-through holder improves chip evacuation, surface finish, part tolerance, and tool life.

NTK Cutting Tools
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