Matsuura Machinery USA hires, promotes
Shannon Collett (left) and Cassandra Yanke (right) are Matsuura Machinery USA’s latest hires, promotions.
Matsuura Machinery USA

Matsuura Machinery USA hires, promotes

Shannon Collett hired as Matsuura Lumex administrator; Cassandra Yanke promoted to logistics and project manager.


St. Paul, Minnesota – Matsuura Machinery USA Inc. officials have hired Shannon Collett as the company’s Matsuura LUMEX Administrator.

“With the surge in demand for Matsuura’s Lumex hybrid additive manufacturing technology, we continue add to our knowledgeable and educated team of professionals. Shannon has extensive experience in inventory control, accounting, finance and customer relations areas. Her proficiency will help us more efficiently manage our Additive Manufacturing Center Operations, maintain accurate accounting of our material usage, and manage our inventory of Consumable Tooling,” said Tom Houle, director, Matsuura Lumex, NA, Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.

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Lumex series


The Matsuura Lumex Series combines selective laser sintering (SLS) along with high speed milling (HSM) commonly called hybrid AM. The series, manufactured for more than 10 years, is now offered in North America with sales and technical support provided by Matsuura Machinery USA.

Matsuura’s combination of technology platforms enables production of parts and component geometries in a method never imagined possible. These machines manufacture highly complex integrated parts and molds in shapes and configurations that were once impossible using traditional milling methods.

“Additive Manufacturing is being described as the manufacturing platform of the future. Specifically, the hybrid version of metal AM is the newest innovation and provides some direct benefit that customers can see clearly. For Matsuura, because we are built on a machine tool platform – casting, boxed ways, etc. customers are seeing how they can benefit from this rigid robust system on a manufacturing floor and not simply in an experimental lab.

“This is contributing to the movement of AM from an experimental based technology housed in a controlled laboratory environment and only accessible to the scientists to one where AM is an integral component of any machining line or supplier. This change is driving AM and hybrid AM technology excitement,” Houle explains.

Cassandra Yanke has been promoted to logistics and project manager, maintaining responsibility for ensuring the availability of Matsuura machinery for the U.S. market. She will continue to optimize the Matsuura supply chain by closely managing the logistics process.

“At Matsuura USA, great customer service is our utmost priority. Cassie’s promotion to Logistics and Project Manager will continue to preserve Matsuura’s critical delivery process as she is a master of multi-tasking,” says Brad Baker, VP finance & administration for Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc.

Yanke will facilitate the exchange of Matsuura machine orders from the initial sale to customer delivery, closely aligning with Matsuura’s sales and technical departments and serving as the liaison between Matsuura shipping and receiving vendors.

Yanke recently celebrated 5 years of service with Matsuura USA, where she previously served as logistics manager and contract administrator.