MDrive integrated motors

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January 30, 2020

More than 1 million MDrive integrated motors have sold since 2001, replacing multiple components with a compact, all-in-one motor and electronics package.

MDrive integrated motors increase accuracy while offering closed-loop performance, velocity control, energy savings, and standardized communication choices including Ethernet, TCP/IP, and CANopen. Accessories include absolute encoder, captive shaft electric cylinder, and gearboxes.

Schneider Electric Motion USA

Stepping motor solution collaboration

Renesas Electronics and stepping motor supplier MinebeaMitsumi are developing resolver-based (angle sensor) stepping motor and motor controls optimized for robots, automation equipment, and medical/nursing care equipment. Stepping motors with a resolver allow high-precision motor control in harsh environments and they can carry heavy loads without step-out.

MinebeaMitsumi Inc.

Renesas Electronics Corp.

Fives opens automation solution support center

Fives’ Smart AutomationSolutions Division’s new Center of Competency for Controls Engineering in Greenville, South Carolina, brings automation support closer to existing customers and expands visibility within the region, meeting growing demand for controls engineering, project management, maintenance, and equipment installation support.

Exhibitors from Bertelkamp Automation Inc., Wesco, McNaughton-McKay Electric Co. and the AddUp Group showcased technology at the center’s opening. Guests attended Tech Talks, exploring various technologies supporting machine vision systems, laser powder bed fusion for metal additive manufacturing (AM), and a new multi-camera vision solution from Fives DyAG Corp. – TruIVS.

Fives DyAG Corp.