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Benefits of tubular linear motors; High precision XYR alignment stage

October 14, 2022


Benefits of tubular linear motors

LinX M-Series linear motors simplify installation and use. As a replacement to retrofit pneumatic cylinders, LinX M-series motors are optimized to ensure minimum effort and impact to end customers. A key feature is mechanically, the motor is designed to be fully compatible with standard pneumatics accessories, such as mounting plates, linear guides and coupling pieces.

For retrofit projects, the LinX M-series motors can be easily integrated, while for new machines, machine builders have access to a wide range of standard accessories.

Going from flatbed to tubular actuation significantly improves thermal stability. With less expansion, components and the overall system perform with higher accuracy. The LinX M-Series linear motor also offers high levels of positional accuracy, with 10µm resolution based on an integrated position sensor.

High precision XYR alignment stage

The XYR-300-400 alignment stage offers ±3µm accuracy for industrial, medical, semiconductor, production, research, and laboratory applications. Featuring ±15mm of travel in the X and Y axes and ±5° of rotation (theta), it moves in the XY-plane and rotates around the center of the XY-plane. The alignment stage has 1µm linear resolutions of the X- and Y-axis with a 10 micro-steps per step motor driver and static parallelism of less than 0.05mm.

Two-phase stepper motors are standard; servo motors with quadrature optical encoders are optional. The 8mm diameter and 2mm per-turn precision ball screws and preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings add to the high precision and stiffness.

The table of the stage is 300mm x 300mm with threaded holes and a 110mm x 110mm opening with a solid top available. The base plate is 400mm x 400mm and the alignment stage height is 98mm.