Medical device consulting firm puts CNC machine to fast use
3rd Stone Design

Medical device consulting firm puts CNC machine to fast use

3rd Stone Design uses the machine to cut production time by more than half.

August 2, 2022

3rd Stone Design’s 4-axis vertical machine center is up and running to accelerate its product development cycles.

“What used to take us a week or more to order from our outside vendors we can now design, machine, and install in two days,” said Sam Lopez, managing director of engineering. “The addition of a Haas vertical machining center has increased our throughput, our capabilities for miniature and precision components in medical devices, and custom fixtures and tooling specific to client projects.”

“Our work spans a wide range from high volume consumable plastic components to low volume capital equipment used in medical procedures. These different applications require custom componentry in original materials that must withstand sterilization and durability testing,” said Robert Miros, CEO and founder of 3rd Stone Design. “The ability to produce parts of the correct materials in prototype quantities in a fast production style allows us to iterate and complete medical device development in fewer cycles.”

The company uses the machining center to make molds for silicone wearable devices, vacuum form tooling for plastic biological trays, and custom machined aluminum heat sinks for thermal management. The variety of solid material parts that can be produced has changed the way the company thinks about prototyping exercises and alpha and beta unit builds.