Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF System

Stryker Launches a Revolutionary System for Establishing Preoperative Occlusion and Bone Reduction in Craniomaxillofacial Care

March 14, 2013

Stryker officials announce the global commercial launch of the Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF system. The Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF system combines elements of both arch bars and MMF screws in an effort to bring the standard of care for maxillomandibular fixation (MMF) techniques into the 21st century. 

In collaboration with inventor Jeffrey R. Marcus, MD, FAAP, FACS, associate vice-chair of Surgery, Duke University, the Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF system is designed to combine the strength and rigidity of arch bars with the safety and efficiency of MMF screws.

"The Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF system is easy to apply, comfortable for the patients, and can impressively increase a surgeon's efficiency," states Michael D. Turner, DDS MD FACS, associate director of oral & maxillofacial surgery, Beth Israel and Jacobi Medical Center.

With nine potential points of fixation along the plate, posterior fixation and vector control are enhanced when compared to traditional MMF screws. The self-drilling, locking technology of the screws allows for purchase into both the bone and the plate for additional stability and also eliminates the need for interdental wiring that is required with arch bars. 

"The Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF system is an effective and technically simple process that may change the surgical management of maxillary and mandibular fixation for all surgical specialties," says Dr. Jairo Bastidas, DMD, deputy director, OMFS, Montefiore Medical Center. "Closed reduction of the jaws can be accomplished with less exposure risk to the surgeon, decreased operative time, and excellent skeletal stability. The Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF system is an innovation for the management of facial trauma."

"The Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF system represents our dedication to providing patients and physicians with the most advanced tools available to treat mandibular and maxillary fractures," comments David Mercado, vice president and general manager, Stryker's CMF division. "Universal SMARTLock Hybrid MMF sets a new standard in maxillomandibular fixation. It is a patented design you will only find at Stryker."

The device has been granted 510(k) market clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration and is also available in international markets where it has been cleared for sales.    

View an animation of the SMARTLock Hybrid MMF System on Stryker's YouTube channel.