OxyHeal Health Group, COMEX S.A. Join Forces

OxyHeal Health Group, COMEX S.A. Join Forces

Agreement is for working together in mutual projects or lending expertise, experience on projects.

August 22, 2011

OxyHeal Health Group and COMEX S.A. today announced that they have entered into a joint cooperation agreement, working together in mutual projects or lending expertise and experience on projects where one company takes a lead role.

Since its founding in 1961 by Henri G Delauze, COMEX has been involved in the supply and use of systems for diving; whether commercial, military, or recreational and with extreme environment engineering. The company has pioneered many innovations and equipment that see routine service today and has expanded the world’s knowledge of the high pressure environment, including innovative approaches to the design of manned submersibles and remotely operated vehicles, as well as the development and expansion of the use of alternate components to diver’s breathing gases. OxyHeal has been involved in pressure medicine and engineering in the United States and around the world for nearly 40 years, since it was originally founded by Mr. W. T. Gurnee. Over the course of the company’s existence it has designed, manufactured, and commissioned a wide variety of saturation diving systems, containerized chamber systems for military applications, and the first operational rectangular clinical multiplace hyperbaric chamber system in the United States. The company is known for providing equipment with innovative design solutions and expertise in diving medicine and clinical hyperbaric medicine – including both clinical operations and education. As a result of this diverse knowledge base, this cooperation agreement allows the companies to provide their customers with the ability to leverage over 100 years of combined experience in these related fields.

This historic agreement provides customers with access to unique resources and knowledge related to advanced diving; naval architecture and engineering; pressure vessel design; extreme pressure environment system design (in both hypo- and hyper-baric applications); clinical hyperbaric medicine and its use in the critical care environment; hyperbaric education and training; research related to the hyperbaric environment, pressurized tunneling systems, undersea mapping and exploration. This agreement also includes cooperation by both OxyHeal and COMEX for their space activities and expand on the knowledge developed by OxyHeal’s work with NASA and COMEX’s work at its Hyperbaric Experimental Centre (CEH) in relation to space exploration, utilizing both hyper- and hypo-baric research capabilities.

“We are extremely pleased to have this agreement and to continue to work with and expand our relationship with our good friends at COMEX. We are very proud of our friendship with COMEX," says W. T. ‘Ted’ Gurneé, the president & CEO of the OxyHeal Health Group®. “With this cooperation agreement, the joint experience and knowledge that both parties can provide their customers far exceeds that of any other individual company or partnerships of companies in the industry and will be of great benefit to our customers – both present and future.”

Michele Fructus, Director General of COMEX S.A. said “I am extremely happy to formalize this relationship with our excellent friends at OxyHeal. This cooperation agreement highlights our joint knowledge and experience in the industry that will certainly provide significant advantage to our customers. We believe it will form the foundation for many successful future projects together. ”