Mazak Integrex i-100 Bartac-S

Mazak Integrex i-100 Bartac-S

Built for high-productivity, the Integrex i-100 Bartac-S multi-tasking machine incorporats Smooth Technology.

October 30, 2015

Florence, Kentucky – Mazak has optimized the performance of its Integrex i-100 Bartac-S multi-tasking machine by incorporating Smooth Technology into its design, which includes enhanced CNC technology and new high-speed servo systems. As a result, the machine offers even higher levels of productivity when processing small high-precision parts in single setups as well as machining bar material up to 4" in diameter.

The Integrex i-100 Bartac-S has two turning spindles and a milling spindle for full 5-axis machining and Done In One operations. The main spindle employs a 15hp integral motor spindle with maximum spindle speeds of 2,000rpm and a large 4.4" spindle bore. It offers high-precision C-axis contouring by indexing in 0.0001° increments. The 15hp, 6,000rpm second spindle indexes in increments of 0.001° for C-axis contouring and features a 2.4" bore size.

The machine’s powerful 10hp, 12,000rpm milling spindle is mounted in the rotating B-axis, which has a 240° range of motion and indexes in 0.0001° increments. B-axis scale feedback comes standard on the machine to ensure a high accuracy of motion. The machine comes standard equipped with a 36-tool magazine that accommodates tools up to 5.1" in diameter when neighboring stations are empty and up to 3.5" in diameter when stations are occupied. For further tooling versatility, the machine also has a 72-tool magazine option as well as an automatic tool changer (ATC) that can exchange both fixed and rotary turning tools. The Integrex i-100 Bartac-S provides expansive axes travels of 8.2" in Y, 17.7" with a below centerline capability of 1.96" in X, and 35.5 in Z, allowing the machine to process a wide range of part sizes and shapes. All three linear axes achieve high-speed 1,575ipm rapid traverse rates. 

In terms of CNC technology, the machine features the new Mazatrol SmoothX that makes it easy to generate programs for highly complex parts production. As a key element of the Smooth Technology process-performance platform, the CNC has several advanced functions that allow it to ensure the shortest possible machining cycle times, especially in fine increment programs for simultaneous 5-axis operations and free-form die-mold machining. Ergonomics also play an important role in the functionality of the Mazatrol SmoothX CNC.

A large 19" display presents all of the critical machine data within a single page view, while the tilt control panel allows for optimum positioning based on operator height. An intuitive multi-touch screen, which is similar to that of a smartphone, enables fast and smooth programming operations. An SD card allows the CNC to store up to 32GB of data.

Through its Intelligent Bar Loader System, the Integrex i-100 Bartac-S brings advanced tactics to bar work machining. The system automatically feeds out the material the required distance from the machine’s chuck and minimizes the bar remnant.

An optional chuck-pressure-management system automatically changes bypart program for a wide variety of workpieces. It maintains not only the set chuck pressure per workpiece, but also the same pressure when changing material. The finished workpiece is removed by the optional compact integrated work unloader in the upper part of the second spindle as opposed to an auto-parts catcher. A powered conveyor then transfers the workpiece outside of the machine. The unloader hand is designed to prevent any marring of the finished workpiece. The optional Intelligent Bar Loader System and work unloader are essential to unmanned operations.

Designed for convenient system installation, the Integrex i-100 Bartac-S has a 127" x 103.8” footprint, which requires minimal floor space when compared with conventional equipment that utilizes a gantry loader or robot system. 

Source: Mazak