Arthroscopic Surgery is Going with the Flow

Through use of Bayer’s polycarbonate and the Cannuflow EntreVu EX, a new cannula surgical access is available.

February 19, 2013

Patients undergoing hip or shoulder surgery may choose arthroscopic surgery, if their condition permits. While a less invasive procedure, arthroscopic surgery is not without its complications. For example, soft tissue fluid retention, or extravasation, is a common problem during arthroscopy. 

Cannuflow, a leader in innovative access and fluid management devices for arthroscopy, has brought a new cannula surgical access portal to the surgeon’s table. The EntreVu EX is a clear arthroscopic access cannula body for effective visualization of sutures and surgical knots.

For its EntreVu EX, Cannuflow chose Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s Makrolon Rx1452 polycarbonate due to its clarity, which helps the surgeon easily see surgical knots, as well as its moldability and biocompatibility. This grade of Makrolon resin meets requirements of the FDA-modified ISO 10933, Part 1, tests for biocompatibility in select tints and colors and is USP Class VI compliant. Makrolon Rx1452 plastic also offers additional important properties, such as low viscosity, easy release, high strength and toughness. 

According to Cannuflow, Bayer’s material is performing excellently in both moldability and functionality. Makrolon Rx1452 polycarbonate offers increased design flexibility over other plastic options for complicated medical products with difficult-to-fill molds and parts with shallow drafts. 

EntreVu EX is the only cannula in the world featuring Cannuflow Extravastat technology, according to Cannuflow. It acts as a channel to wick away irrigation fluid that could leak from the joint into the muscle tissue during hip or shoulder surgery, causing painful swelling and post-surgical complications. Using this device can reduce swelling which in turn can reduce post-operative pain. In addition, the EntreVu EX cannula prevents fluid from leaking during surgery, making difficult procedures easier, according to Cannuflow. 

“We worked closely with Cannuflow to provide technical expertise and a material with properties that fit their product’s unique design,” states Bruce Fine, market segment leader, Medical and Consumer Products – Polycarbonates, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. “The EntreVu EX cannula formed with Makrolon polycarbonate offers medical professionals a new technology for patient care during surgery.”

Bayer’s Makrolon polycarbonate proved to be a key aspect of making Cannuflow’s product vision a reality.

“We chose Bayer’s Makrolon polycarbonate for its ease of molding, which allows low-profile wall sections and long core pulls. This made it possible for us to make a two-layer cannula with significant added functionality without an increase of outer diameter compared with the generic cannulas surgeons previously used,” notes Ted Kucklick, CEO and designer of the patented EntreVu EX cannula.

Cannuflow’s EntreVu EX can be easily incorporated into a surgeon’s existing surgical process and is compatible with currently used equipment.