Rollomatic’s GrindSmart 629XS tool grinding center

Rollomatic’s GrindSmart 629XS tool grinding center

Flexible due to sixth axis; versatile, precise, and cost-effective, the machine produces standard as well as specialty tools.

February 12, 2015

Mundelein, Illinois - Rollomatic’s GrindSmart 629XS precision tool grinding machine is ideal for producing high-performance tools as well as inserts, threading tools, medical or dental tools, and more.

Much like its predecessor, the new GrindSmart 629XS is designed for tools ranging between 0.1mm and 16mm in diameter and features a unique sixth axis. This allows the operator to incline grinding wheels during operation and offers increased flexibility and freedom of movement especially for producing complex tool geometries

The kinematics of the machine is also of fundamental importance to achieve unbeatable grinding results. The GrindSmart 629XS is designed so that the movements of the axis between the operations are minimized. In addition, scales on all linear axes as well as the rotation axes are fitted as standard. The highlight among all features is the direct drive motor on the rotary B-axis. This precision technology enables high-performance servo tuning which provides an outstanding surface finish quality and form tolerance, particularly on tools with corner radii and a ball shape. In addition, the patented SmartGuide – the new shank guide system developed by Rollomatic – ensures perfect concentricity within 0.002mm.

High degree of automation
In order to further increase productivity, the GrindSmart 629XS features an extremely reliable integrated robot loader with a capacity  of up to 20mm in diameter. Thanks to the compact design of the loading system, workpieces are changed in just over 8 seconds. With a machine availability of 99%, the GrindSmart 629XS produces an average of between 6,000 and 10,000 tools a month, depending on the tool type in question.

The StickSmart system automatically cleans up the grinding wheels during the grinding process to ensure that abrasive wheels have the same performance for short and long batches. A further step towards light out production is offered by the JobManager in the VirtualGrind Pro software. This new feature allows the user to produce a series of tools with different geometries out of the same blank diameter with no human intervention.

The GrindSmart 629XS is equipped as standard with Rollomatic’s latest generation of programming software, offering total freedom of design while the user-friendly interface enables programming of standard or specific tools in only a few clicks using the programming wizard. To stay in tune with the latest software capabilities on the GrindSmart 629XS, software upgrades are free of charge during the entire machine life.

Source: Rollomatic