Cleaning challenges addressed at parts2clean 2017

Cleaning challenges addressed at parts2clean 2017

State-of-the-art cleaning solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

April 20, 2017
Elizabeth Engler Modic

Industrial parts cleaning ensures necessary cleanliness required for subsequent processing operations and long-term, trouble-free functioning. It’s the same requirement for medical technology, mechanical engineering, aviation, motor vehicles, component supply, precision engineering, microengineering, optics, electronics, and many other sectors.

Properly cleaned parts bring added value to the industrial manufacturing process. Global trends such as electromobility, lightweight construction, Industry 4.0, sustainability, smaller production runs due to increasing customization, and the onward march of globalization are posing new challenges for businesses all over the world – including those specializing in industrial parts and surface cleaning. All these issues will feature prominently at the next parts2clean, which runs from October 24-26, 2017, in Stuttgart, Germany.

The products and systems on display help users of industrial cleaning technology maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

At the show, attendees will learn all about the latest trends and innovations in industrial parts and surface cleaning for a high-tech world. This includes, for example, cleaning plants that have been designed from the outset to be adaptable to stay in stride with changing needs. Possible scenarios here would be handling different kinds of parts, meeting various cleanliness standards, or using different processes. Also shown will be cleaning technologies for use in fine and ultra-fine cleaning processes. Responding to the growing industry demands for more highly automated cleaning processes and integration in smart-factory environments, exhibitors will present intelligent automation concepts and solutions for adaptive cleaning processes.

Know-how on every conceivable aspect of parts and surface cleaning
“Adding value to the exhibition lineup will be a three-day parts2clean Industry Forum, which is an invaluable source of information for visitors about the latest trends and innovations,” Daebler remarks.

Speakers will be highlighting new developments, talking about the best ways to optimize processes and costs and assure quality, and sharing examples of best practice with their audiences.