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Sandvik acquires medical wire forming company; Medical tool grinding package preloaded with NXT grinders

Photo credit: Star Cutter

Medical tool grinding package preloaded with NXT grinders

Star Cutter NXT 5-axis grinders will now be sold with a seat of preloaded Esprit CAM software. This packaged solution assists manufacturers of complex medical tooling – such as hip rasps, rotary files, bone files, and drills – to have certified Esprit post-processors on their NXTs for faster launch and error-free program code.

“Esprit’s proven ability in easing the programming and production of intricate parts makes it a perfect partner for optimizing the performance of our NXT grinding machines,” says Brad Lawton, Star Cutter chairman and CEO.

The NXT grinder 5-axis CNC machine has a small footprint, large grind zone, and modular design that quickly adapts to demanding application requirements. Esprit uses a digital twin of the manufacturing envelope to simplify the programming process and deliver edit-free G-code.

Sandvik acquires medical wire forming company

Switzerland-based Accuratech Group has been acquired by Sandvik and will be reported in Kanthal, a division in Sandvik Materials Technology. A niched medical wire forming and component manufacturer, Accuratech product offerings include ultra-fine wires and micro-tubes, semi- finished wire components, electroplating, and other products and services mainly used in the medical industry.

“I am pleased that we are continuing to execute on our shift to growth strategy. This acquisition is an important step for Sandvik Materials Technology in the preparations to become a separately listed company. With its increased focus on areas with high growth and strong earnings potential, Sandvik Materials Technology is strengthening their position for the future,” says Stefan Widing, president and CEO of Sandvik.

“The medical sector is one of Sandvik Materials Technology’s defined areas of growth, and through this acquisition we are strengthening our position by adding wire forming and component manufacturing capabilities,” says Göran Björkman, president of Sandvik Materials Technology.