MicroCare, helping companies save money, improve worker safety

MicroCare, helping companies save money, improve worker safety

Website is designed to help companies reduce operating costs and enhance worker safety, introduce new cleaning technologies to those companies.


MicroCare Corp. has launched a new website for companies using the popular solvent normal propyl bromide (nPB) to help companies reduce operating costs and enhance worker safety with this chemical, as well as to introduce new cleaning technologies to those companies. It also offers information and advice on those looking to change from TCE, perc, and methylene chloride to newer, safer alternatives.

MicroCare has been helping customers since the 1980s to use nPB and other solvents safely, quickly, and cost-effectively in their vapor degreasers. nPB is an an industrial cleaner based on the element bromine. In the mid-1990s the toxicity value of nPB was set at 100 parts per million, which is low but manageable. Today the toxicity rating has been lowered to one part per ten million, with cancers and reproductive issues related to over-exposures. Regulatory bodies around the globe are looking to eliminate nPB, TCE, perc, and methylene chloride within the next few years. The website helps companies learn about this transition and manage the process.

The information on the site is presented at two levels. First, some companies are buying these old-style solvents without any technical support or professional guidance, and they have been known to use them incorrectly in their vapor degreasers. This information gap has many serious effects, from sub-optimal cleaning results, excessive costs, equipment damage, environmental damage, and worker safety concerns.

“A safe cleaning environment is, by definition, an efficient and cost-effective cleaning environment,” notes MicroCare Chief Operating Officer, Tom Tattersall.

By changing from their current vendor to MicroCare, the technical insights and expertise available at MicroCare will be brought to bear on the client’s cleaning situation. MicroCare will help ameliorate any performance, cost, or safety issues.

“The toxicity standards for these products are being tightened and their use will become problematic,” explains Mike Jones MicroCare vice president. “We know there are a lot of people out there who are concerned about using the product but don’t know who to ask for help. This web site is engineered exactly for them.”

The second level of the website is for those companies which have decided to replace their old-style cleaners. Today, there are many efficient, safe, and affordable new cleaning chemistries that can replace nPB, TCE, and the others. But they are not always drop-in replacements and changes in hardware or procedures may be required.

“This website isn’t about selling. It’s about helping,” Jones adds. “Once people become aware of the risks and the liabilities from these cleaners, they always start looking for alternatives. Today there are many better, safer choices. This website helps companies to find the best alternative.”

The website is easy to navigate and loaded with a wealth of information to help make an informed decision on nPB replacements. MicroCare has provided all the information and advice to allow companies to make the right decision when it comes to nPB alternatives.