Best of 2016: Interconnect strategies for medical devices

Best of 2016: Interconnect strategies for medical devices

Selecting the appropriate connector in medical device design is a matter of materials, processors, and functions.

December 19, 2016

Connectors play a critical role in electrical systems, but the interconnect requirements are often considered at the end of the product design phase. The impact of an interconnect is often appreciated only when poorly manufactured or incorrectly specified connectors fail, eroding system performance and even bringing the system to a halt. For designers, advances in connector design, materials, and manufacturing ensure availability of an interconnect solution matched to each application.

Quality and reliability of the interconnect directly influences system performance and reliability as a whole. The selection of a suitable connector depends on a design’s performance requirements, configuration limitations, operating conditions, and working environment. For example, the connector requirements for a healthcare application are dramatically different than those for a deep mining application, yet each requires maximum reliability from the connector.

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