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Precision vertical elevator stage, Ethernet communications; Load sensing by light; PI Ceramic brakes ground on German production facility

August 26, 2019

The AZV9010 and the AZV9020 motorized Z-axis linear positioning stages have vertical travels of 10mm and 20mm respectively.

The vertical motion of each Z-axis stage is driven by an 8mm diameter ball screw with a 1mm lead and guided by cross roller bearings. Resolutions of 0.10µm or 0.05µm with 10/20 micro-steps per step motor drive, and 0.5µm repeatability make the Z-axis stages suitable for microscopy, inspection, metrology, positioning, photonics, sampling, and laser drilling and machining.

Each stage has a 90mm x 90mm (3.543" x 3.543") table with threaded holes for fixtures or tooling. The stages feature a 5µm straightness and 30µm dynamic parallelism, along with 5mm/sec (0.196ips) Z-axis travel speed and 5kg (11.0 lb) load capacity.

Each stage has a knob for manual adjustment, and the stages can be supplied plug-and-play with a motion controller.

Optical Engineering Systems Inc. (OES)

Ethernet communications

The LNS e-Connect Ethernet communications system enables bi-directional data sharing between CNC machine tools and LNS bar feeders. Intra-machine communications monitor material use and CNC production schedules to allow on-the-fly, automatic changeovers that reduce material waste and improve throughput.

e-Connect enhances the performance of chip and coolant management devices, high-pressure coolant, and air filtration systems. The interactive communications between devices and remote monitors saves time and labor, improving overall manufacturing performance.

LNS America Inc.

Load sensing by light

Fiber optic sensing uses optical fibers to measure forces in real-time, in difficult environments, without electronics.

The technology provides an instant overview of equipment performance – measuring load, speed, and temperature – opening opportunities for closed-loop process control. Engineers can prevent unfavorable running conditions, misalignment, or wear before they lead to shutdowns.

The technology uses light for safe measurements in hazardous environments. Eliminating electronics makes the sensors safe in electromagnetic fields, and fibers transmit light without disturbances at long distance, allowing remote monitoring where wireless technology cannot be used.


PI Ceramic brakes ground on German production facility

PI Ceramic (PIC), a subsidiary of global precision motion and piezo technology solutions provider Physik Instrumente (PI), has invested in an 81,000ft² facility in Lederhose, Germany, increasing its footprint by 50%.

The building will offer three floors for multilayer piezo ceramic assembly production in addition to general office space. PI Ceramic specializes in high quality standard and customized piezo transducers for applications including medical, aerospace, and robotics. The anticipated move-in time is mid-2020.

PI has in-house engineered solutions with more than four decades of experience providing products that meet application demands and can quickly modify existing product designs or provide a fully customized original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part to fit the exact requirements of the application.

Physik Instrumente LP (PI)