Process Innovation - Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.

2018 IIC Conference - Presentations

July 26, 2016

Monday, 9/12

10:00 to 10:55 a.m. / W-193-A

Session Topic: Characteristics of New Hybrid Additive and Subtractive Machine Tool Technology

A new hybrid approach to machining – technology that applies both advanced additive and subtractive methodologies in a single machine tool platform – is a viable, practical solution to certain applications in aerospace, power generation, on- and off-road construction equipment, and general component repair operations.

Hudson’s presentation will cover what lies beyond the traditional powder bed systems for both polymer and metal applications. It will provide the answer as to when a hybrid machining system – combining additive and subtractive capabilities – has a place in manufacturing and how components made of expensive alloys can be manufactured more cost effectively by using additive and subtractive methodologies on one machine tool. His talk will also detail how it is possible to decrease the cost of manufacturing complex components by reducing the material input on traditional forgings and castings and adding desired features via a hybrid additive/subtractive process.

Hudson will also define how part life can be extended by adding material to a component that already exists and how an adaptive additive and subtractive approach can increase the life of aging and worn components.

Robb Hudson

Technology & Business
Development Manager
Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.

Robb Hudson has spent his entire adult life in the machine tool industry. Hudson grew up in his family’s machine tool distributorship in Indiana. Since the sale of that company in 2002, Hudson has been very fortunate to have gained a depth of experience in both traditional and non-traditional machining applications in the aerospace, energy, medical device, automotive and electronics industries across North America and Europe. His current role with Mitsui Seiki is focused on Key Account Business Development. In addition, Hudson had co-directed product development for Mitsui Seiki’s Hybrid Additive/Subtractive Machine Platform.

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc., Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Seiki Kogyo Co. Ltd. The parent company was established in 1928 as the first company in Japan to produce precision measuring instruments in 1938, and the first to create ultra-precise machine tools. Mitsui Seiki has maintained its rich tradition of precision and has acquired a world-renowned reputation for producing the most accurate machine tools on earth. Its product line is comprised of CNC horizontal and vertical spindle machining centers with up to 5+ axes, CNC jig boring and jig grinding machines, and CNC thread grinding machines. Over the last decade, the company has focused its resources on the research and development of machine tool technologies for the aerospace, power generation, mold & die, and other precision component industries.

In particular, because of increased demand and need, the optimal machining of hard metals has been a concentrated effort. As such, Mitsui Seiki has the most current and thorough knowledge of triple nickel titanium (Ti 5553) Ti-Aluminate (Ti-Al), and the newer Titanium Beta 21 machining. Its industry and technical experts have been travelling around the world for the several years, sharing this compelling, practical knowledge with manufacturing engineers regarding the optimal, efficient, and profitable methods for machining challenging materials. The company is also on the leading edge in the development of new hybrid machine tools, which encompass both subtractive and additive machining technologies in one platform.

The new Hybrid Machine will be a cornerstone of Mitsui Seiki’s IMTS 2016 exhibit in Booth #S-8519 and the topic of Robb Hudson’s presentation at the IMTS 2016 Conference. The company will also demonstrate manufacturing technology dedicated to blade production. This is also the booth to learn more about GE’s Blue Arc — a revolutionary new method to machine hard metals that offers significant time-savings. Mitsui Seiki is the machine tool partner in the development of this exciting new approach.

IMTS 2016 Booth #S-8519