Process Innovation - WFL

2018 IIC Conference - Presentations

July 26, 2016

Monday, 9/12

10:00 to 10:55 a.m. / W-194-A

Session Topic: How to Stay Ahead in a Competitive Word with Millturn Technology

When we talk of multitasking machines, we mean flexible, versatile machines, with an emphasis on flexibility. Only in this way can the user’s demand for economical production, even in small lots, be fulfilled by drastically cutting or even completely eliminating retooling times in the production of complicated and close-tolerance parts. Shorter product life cycles, decreasing batch sizes, shorter cycle times, reduction of stocks, downsizing of the working capital – these are the trends that confront machine tool manufacturers with great challenges, leading WFL to present benefits of this special machining concept through examples of using Millturn machine tool technology.

Multitasking machining is engaging a big field of diverse applications and the latest trends in this field will be addressed in this presentation. By the end of this presentation the audience will gain an overview of the various technologies a multitasking machine can offer.

Ben Baggerly

Sales Manager, U.S. Market


Ben Baggerly began his career in the machine tool industry 37 years ago, opening crates in the warehouse at Hermes Machine Tool in Fairfield, New Jersey. It was during this time that he made his first contact with WFL as the importer. Learning the industry from the ground up, Baggerly has been active in applications, engineering, and sales for several builders, American and European. He has had immense experience the past 12 years being employed at WFL.

WFL is a manufacturer worldwide that focuses exclusively on the production of multifunctional turning-boring-milling centers. Today, in many high tech companies, the trade name Millturn stands for the central machine tool for the production of complex components with highest precision. Both the modular structure of the millturn’s and the tailor-made special solutions guarantee the perfect solution for complex manufacturing tasks.

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