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Mastercam 2019; Kurt Mfg.'s zero-point clamping system; Mazak's micro-precise high-speed machining; Carr Lane's 5-axis workholding system; Smith Metal Product's MIM capabilities; HRSA cutting grade;

August 8, 2018

Mastercam 2019

Increasing machining productivity and reducing overall production costs, Mastercam 2019 offers 2D through multi-axis milling automation features, CAD and model preparation improvements, expanded 3D tooling, Accelerated Finishing, and turning and mill-turn enhancements.

Re-engineered chamfering and hole-making strategies, plus multi-axis deburring, delivers time-saving automation and simplicity. Milling toolpath strategies, such as high-speed equal scallop toolpath, offers machining performance and surface finish improvements.

The release also supports:

  • Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning method
  • Features for enhanced grooving, bar feed, turning, mill-turn applications
  • Lathe, Swiss-style machine support

Mastercam 2019 also includes enhanced CAD functionality and 3D model import support, improved part preparation and fixture setup tools, additional PowerSurface capabilities, and expanded support for model-based definition (MBD).

CNC Software / Mastercam
IMTS 2018 Booth #133340

Zero-point clamping system, 5-axis holding solutions

The Kurt DX4 CrossOver vise, designed for precision requirements of CNC production to toolroom applications, is interchangeable with Kurt’s D40 vise with the same bed height and distance from keyway to stationary jaw. It combines multiple design features including the AngLock and pull-type features combined with a two-bolt stationary jaw. The vise features a 6.5” jaw opening within the inside jaw position and a lighter, narrower vise body with a 4.962" x 12.500" footprint. The 80,000psi ductile iron vise body provides chip evacuation straight through the body, preventing chip build-up.

The Kurt pneumatic zero-point clamping system uses a form-fitting clamping design with self-locking clamp segments and tapered plug design to create a 3-surface contact and lock-down force pulling the plugs all the way into the cylinders – important for 5-axis machining and horizontal CNC’s which can induce an enormous amount of force on the holding system.

Kurt Manufacturing Co., Industrial Products Division
IMTS 2018 Booth #432433

Micro-precise high-speed machining

The Ultimate Die & Mold (UD) 400/5X VMC delivers precise 5-axis machining in a small footprint and features an integral 45,000rpm HSK-E40 spindle, powered by an 18.5hp motor that includes temperature-controlled cooling oil circulating through the spindle housing for stability across long periods of high-speed operation. Ball screw core cooling controls the temperature further, while 16 temperature sensors throughout the machine detect any other heat build-up. The machine’s thermal shield also manages for environmental temperature fluctuations.

The table’s B- and C-axis use direct-drive motors to eliminate vibration and heat build-up while enabling rapid traverse rates of 60rpm in B and 150rpm in C. Axis travels for X, Y, and Z measure 15.75", 21.65", and 13.78".

Optional machine features, such as tool nose control and cutting point control, enable further optimization and accuracy, while a 40-tool magazine supports continuous Done In One productivity.

Mazak Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #338300 & #432000

5-axis workholding system

The CL5 5-axis workholding system consists of a subplate, riser, and top tooling made from a vise or a fixture plate. The subplate transforms a T-slot table into a modular fixturing plate, allowing flexible and easy clamping and locating of other tooling and/or fixtures. Every plate has built-in clamping and locating for risers, allowing for quick and accurate setups. The Quintus quick-change riser offers 5-side part access to remove a part from the machine table. The system combines the riser, quick-change capability, and precise location in one piece. Several versions of fixture plates, vises, and jaws are available.

Carr Lane Mfg. Co.
IMTS 2018 Booth #431663

MIM capabilities

Metal injection molding (MIM) is eliminates machining by producing precise, net-shaped parts that usually require no secondary operations. If high tolerances are needed and cannot be MIM molded, 5-axis CNC machining equipment achieves tighter specifications while remaining more competitive than complete part machining.

Smith Metal Products
IMTS 2018 Booth #236313

HRSA cutting grade

SiAlON grade SX3 combines wear resistance and toughness for cutting heat-resistant super alloys (HRSA). The grade can machine the newest generation of HRSA work materials, such as Rene’s, as well as common materials, such as Inconel 718. SX3 grade is effective for roughing and semi-finishing in turning and milling applications, using RCGX, RNG, RPGX, SNG, SNGX geometries. The insert’s boundary wear resistance results in longer tool life.

NTK Cutting Tools USA
IMTS 2018 Booth #431664

Standard solutions to counterboring

TCB series counterboring tool diameters range from 26mm to 59mm (1.02" to 2.32"), and inserts with the -CG style chipbreaker geometry yield consistent chip flow in various materials at a range of cutting depths.

The expanded TCB line incorporates a cartridge design for easy diameter adjustments. It can be adjusted by placing multiple-sized shims between the tool body and cartridge, enabling a single tool body to machine various diameters. Fine diameter adjustments in increments of 0.100mm (0.004") are also possible with thinner shims sold separately.

Tungaloy America Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #431822

New dimension for machining complex parts

A wide range of machines, including two new introductions, will be on display at IMTS 2018, highlighting machine performance, safety, and design to deliver production efficiency and cost-savings. With simple and logical operation, flexibility, rigid machine construction, B-axis versatility, and Y-axis control for back-working, complex parts are produced in one operation. Machining parts from difficult cutting materials is easily handled while the motion control system optimizes operations and reduces idle machine time.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #338874

Drill-to-finish bore solution

Sunnen Products Co.’s acquisition of BTA Heller has created solutions for shops looking for complete bore drilling-to-finishing capabilities, and they will be on display at IMTS 2018. Sunnen’s core technical competencies include automated and manual honing systems, custom system development and integration, abrasives, tooling, cutting fluids, and gaging. The BTA Heller product mix includes accessories for those processes including pressure heads, vibration dampeners, and boring bars.

Sunnen, entering the skiving/roller burnishing sector, brings its approach of providing support to customers also using non-Sunnen equipment, an advantage for shops using a variety of machines and/or manufacturers.

Sunnen Products Company
IMTS 2018 Booth #237400 (Sunnen) and Booth #432216 (BTA Heller)

Line of live, static tools for Swiss lathes

Heimatec’s Citizen tool program – which includes live and static tools for most Citizen lathes – is designed to optimize the machine’s parameters for efficient, cost-effective manufacturing. High quality bearings, ground gear components, spindles, and housings in this product line produce tools with maximum rigidity that deliver the best possible processing quality and longest service life.

In addition to the Citizen line, expanded tooling programs maximize machine capabilities and improve productivity.

Heimatec Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #432427

Network-compatible shrink fit machines

The Power Clamp i4.0 series is network compatible and Industry 4.0-ready for communication on the shop floor. Tool scanning capabilities allow shrink fit machines to read and automatically set the shrinking parameters via Data-Matrix codes incorporated on Haimer shrink chucks. An NG coil makes the i4.0 series suitable for solid carbide and HSS tools. Customized shrinking parameters can even be set if necessary for easier shrinking of non-standard tooling.

Haimer USA
IMTS 2018 Booth #431546

Automatic bar loading magazine feeder

The FMB Turbo 3-38 automatic bar-loading magazine feeder delivers round, square, and hexagonal bar material into CNC lathes. Quick-change polyurethane guide channels allow for quiet operation at high cutting speeds. This feeder is compatible with sliding or fixed, CNC or cam operated lathes with spindle bores up to 38mm.

The Turbo‘s main beam and support stands resist bending, keeping vibration from bent bars to a minimum, guaranteeing smooth operation. The double-pusher space-saving design is 4ft shorter than single-pusher bar feeders.

A GE Fanuc SPS controller with a servo motor drive manages the feed mechanism.

The FMB model’s headstock synchronization device allows rapid backward/forward movements on sliding headstock lathes without forward feed pressure from the bar pusher.

Edge Technologies
IMTS 2018 Booth #338348

Quality solutions

Ensuring efficient and reliable quality assurance processes requires more than inspection and measuring systems, it requires customized solutions. At IMTS 2018, visitors can view the recently expanded CT line with the Bosello 2D X-ray systems, see the latest CMMs, sensors, and automated solutions, and learn more about Zeiss Calypso 2018 software

Zeiss Industrial Metrology
IMTS 2018 Booth #135502

Dr. Marcin B. Bauza, head of Zeiss Additive Manufacturing Process and Control, presents “Enabling Yield Improvement in 3D Printing Process Chain” at the IMTS Conferences, Wed., Sept. 12, 11am to 12p m, West Building, Room 192-A.

Large-part EDM

The MV2400-ST EDM machine is designed for larger-part production, capable of performing submerged cutting up to 16.5" deep. With an annealing length of more than 21", the system can thread the maximum workpiece height at the start point and through the gap if needed for a broken wire recovery.

The MV2400-ST linear shaft motor drive and glass scale feedback ensure friction-free, accurate column movement through the X- and Y-axis machining ranges.

It features the Mitsubishi M800 series control with a 19" touchscreen.

MC Machinery Systems
IMTS 2018 Booth #338158

Grooving, turning, tools

The Groovex VG-Cut line features double-sided blades with high pressure coolant for deep grooving and parting-off applications for higher productivity, extended tool life, and perfect chips evacuation.

Other solutions in the VG-Cut line include modular tools with high-pressure coolant for radial and face grooving applications, reinforced monoblock tools for deep grooving and parting off, and internal toolholders for boring.

Standard VG-Cut inserts are offered in four geometries and various grades, and in 2mm to 6mm (0.079" to 0.236") widths.

Vargus USA
IMTS 2018 Booth #432251

Inspection software

Inspection Plus software, with updated SupaTouch technology, includes usability enhancements added to the optimization routine, giving users full control of probing cycle feed rates. Users can improve cycle times and on-machine measurement results, maximizing productivity of their machine tools.

SupaTouch technology minimizes probing time without sacrificing accuracy, eliminating the need for manual optimization of on-machine positioning feed rates, measurement feed rates, and strategies. It cuts measurement time up to 60%, compared with traditional software cycles on CNC machine tools.

Determining the fastest feed rates a machine tool can achieve while ensuring repeatable measurement, the software decides and implements the quickest probing strategy (one-touch or two-touch). If a probe is triggered for a component measurement during machine acceleration or deceleration phases, the measurement result will be inaccurate. SupaTouch technology detects these erroneous readings and automatically commands the probe to remeasure the surface at a more appropriate speed.

Renishaw Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #135509 & #431607

5-axis CNC tool grinder

The 325linear machine is a 5-axis CNC grinder with extended X- and Y-axis movement plus two auxiliary slides for workpiece clamping and improved grinding wheel guidance across the machining envelope.

Micro tools, gun drills, hob cutters, and complex geometries can be accommodated in the 2,500rpm to 4,000rpm machine. The second auxiliary slide enables the 325linear to use tool guidance, part support, tailstock, or workpiece pallets in operation. It also offers significant advancements in wheel change and robotic workpiece handling. The machine is offered with the proprietary SIGSpro grinding software, allowing users to assign clamping options for each grinding operation being performed.

All motion control on this grinder is maintained on a Siemens 840D sl CNC with compatible drive technology.

Schütte USA
IMTS 2018 Booth #237288

5-minute chuck change

The centroteX System offers advantages to manufacturers processing multiple parts of varying sizes requiring various clamping methods. At the heart of the system is a precision-machined adaptor/flange plate aligned with centrex interface, equipped with a bayonet mount and a drawtube adapter. This accommodates a variety of chucks and holding devices easily connected and locked by six fasteners.

Hainbuch America Corp.
IMTS 2018 Booth #431636

Machines, automation, solutions

Engineered automation solutions integrated with robotic handling will include a high-speed gantry-loaded multi-tasking turning center, precision wire EDM cell, deburring/finishing operation, and an automatic workpiece inspection cell. Planned demonstrations include the RoboDrill job shop cell; a deburring, buffing, and finishing process; a smart bin-picking cell with vision, part recognition; high flexibility multi- machine EDMs; automatic shearing process preparing extruded aluminum stock to length prior to feeding parts to a RoboDrill; Häberle productivity system extending tool magazine capacity on a RoboDrill; and SCARA robots in action. Nakamura-Tome AS-200 and KIWA Triple H-40 collaborative robot cells will also be featured.

New at the booth will be the company’s line of machining centers:

  • MV 800H & MV 1600 – Vertical machining centers with 25hp Big-Plus 40-taper direct drive spindle with oil-air lubrication, spindle oil chiller; rigid boxway construction in the Z-axis for rigid, consistent performance
  • MB 650U 5-axis – Has a 25hp Big-Plus 40-taper 15,000rpm direct drive spindle with oil-air lubrication, spindle oil chiller; standard linear scales on X-, Y-, Z-axis, rotary scales on the B-, C-axis, thermal compensation for stable, high-precision part production

Methods Machine Tools Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #339119

Micro-precision sandblasting

When knives, tumblers, or chemicals are too risky, micro-precision sandblasting provides a safe alternative for refining small, high-value parts. Comco MicroBlasting systems use very fine abrasives, miniature nozzles, and a patented abrasive feed for removing conformal coating, deburring cross-drilled holes, texturing titanium, and processing intricate and delicate parts. The process transitions seamlessly from manual to automated applications.

Comco Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #237238

Better groove milling

CoroMill 331 indexable insert cutter delivers trouble-free precision groove milling and includes internal coolant and light cutting geometries for stable and secure machining. In applications where long overhang or elevated levels of vibration are likely to be present, CoroMill 331 can be deployed with Silent Tools damped adapters, bringing the cutting edge closer to the Silent Tools damping mechanism for more reliable performance.

High levels of versatility make CoroMill 331 suitable for parting, double half-side machining, shoulder milling, face milling, back-face milling, gang milling, and circular interpolation. Making use of spring-loaded cassettes with serrations that provide security and easy setting for the desired width, CoroMill 331 also has a pin-controlled adjustment range that enables manufacturers to set the cutter with high accuracy for precise groove dimensions.

Sandvik Coromant;
IMTS 2018 Booth #431510