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Soft-touch polymers; Compact linear positioning stage;

June 7, 2016

The 2016 Qosina catalog features more than 5,000 stock components and is a complete resource guide for medical OEM, pharmaceutical, kit packer, and other industries. Parts are shown in full-size on a one-centimeter grid for accurate sizing. This catalog highlights more than 400 new parts such as connectors, clamps, clips, flanges, spikes, syringes, tubing, valves, and more.

Another Qosina catalog feature is the more than 90 compression fittings in various sizes and configurations. Qosina carries straight, elbow, and T, with or without NPT threads as well as accessories for them. FEP (Pharmafluor) tubing is also available to work with the compression fittings. In addition, Qosina has added a large selection of bioprocessing components, including: PharmaLok clamps, sanitary fitting end caps, flanges, sanitary flanges, bag ports, and tube-to-tube connectors.



Soft-touch polymers

ProFlex styrene-ethylene butylene-styrene (SEBS) polymers with improved elastomeric properties offer an alternative to other thermoplastic elastomers for medical device applications with design flexibility and resilience properties similar to thermoset rubber. The polymers maintain thermoplastic processing characteristics. ProFlex SEBS can be used in conventional injection molding and extrusion equipment. Six standard grades of the polymers meet USP Class VI biocompatibility standards, ranging in Shore hardness of 34A to 85A. A line of tear-resistant SEBS grades and a low-friction SEBS formulation are also available.

Foster Corp.


Compact linear positioning stage

The L-509 compact linear positioning stage offers precision linear motion with minimized runout for research and industrial applications. A compact DC servo motor with gear head is offered for high torques and resolution, with a two-phase direct-drive stepper motor for high velocity. Encoder options include an integrated rotary sensor mounted on the motor shaft and an integrated linear version for direct position measurement.